The secret of beauty and diet Marlene Dietrich
 Marlene Dietrich was born in 1901 near Berlin. Her career as an actress began in childhood, when Marlene was playing in the school theater, was fond of piano and violin. In the early 20s she began to sing in the theater, and in 1922 landed her first film role (it was the film "The younger brother of Napoleon").

In 1930, Marlene, already a married lady, leaving her lover, director Joseph von Shterenberg, to Hollywood and become famous thanks to the film "Morocco". Hundreds read the script dozens of roles, success with each new picture - Marlene becomes one of the highest paid actresses of the time. In addition to the game in the movie, she was transmitting on the radio and writing notes in glamor magazines. Then return to Europe, the war, the new post-war life performances on Broadway, successful career as a singer, an accident in the '70s, after which the actress is no longer able to rise from his bed to the moment of death (1992).

 The secret of beauty and diet Marlene Dietrich
   Despite the fact that Marlene was married only once, and was the wife of Rudolf Sieber before his death, joint life lasted only the first 5 years of marriage. Marlene had many lovers: the director and the actors, and a very famous writer Erich Paul Remark, and it is difficult to say with whom she felt happier.

Marlene Dietrich became a legend, an unattainable value to their image, acting, voice and beautiful natural attractions. Her professional success was based on three pillars - patience, diligence and discipline .

 The secret of beauty and diet Marlene Dietrich
 By itself, Dietrich was a fashionista. She loved to show off in front of the mirror, sometimes invent outfits, picking up the clock style new shoes and ordering a tailor costumes, dresses, gloves and fur. Marlene did not like to open toes, considering it vulgar, so do not wear sandals. She is comfortable with the many hours of fitting, smoking one cigarette after another. Even Alfred Hitchcock confessed that he considers Marlene professional designer. Either way it's always been irresistible and sumptuous. Marlene and shone and glistened in the truest sense of the word, if you remember her "naked" dress made by Jean Louis, which gave the impression that bright sequins sewn on the delicate skin of the actress. She admired the work of Balenciaga, Dior and Chanel.

To appear on stage more perfect, Marlene came up with a very simple way - the play of shadows on his face, and this was her mystery. So cheekbones became more voluminous, and his eyes - more expressive. Later, she admitted that she did not paint ink specifically its lower lashes to the shadow of them turned to dark circles under the eyes.

 The secret of beauty and diet Marlene Dietrich
   "But was her natural beauty? "- You ask. Beauty - loose concept. "Beauty comes from within", - he said to Marlene . When Dietrich faced Shterenberg, he saw it not quite a nice woman, though this did not prevent their rapid tie novel. This Shterenberg strongly criticized the appearance favorite. It was he who told her to lose weight by giving up pastries and hearty soups and switch to coffee, Epsom salts in water and cigarettes. Actually, while almost every actress-woman smoked per day or one cigarette.

 The secret of beauty and diet Marlene Dietrich
 So there was all known "Diet Marlene Dietrich" . German diet is considered to be fairly simple, but requires a lot of willpower. After 13 days of consistent adherence to the diet, you can lose 7 kilograms of excess weight and gain courage and strength. Between all meals are allowed to drink mineral water, is not permitted to replace other products from the list.

The first day: Breakfast - a small piece of bread and a cup of black coffee (or tea);
Lunch - tomatoes, 80 gr. spinach with butter, hard-boiled eggs, 2 pieces;
Dinner - 150 grams. salad of green onions and fresh tomatoes with oil, one patty.

Second day: Breakfast - a small piece of bread and a cup of black coffee (or tea);
Dinner - 200 grams. fresh salad and tomatoes with oil, fruits - 1 unit of your choice (orange, apple, tangerine and plum)
Dinner - hard-boiled eggs, 2 pieces, 80 gr. green salad, and 200 grams. cooked meat.

Third day: Breakfast - a cup of black coffee (or tea);
Lunch - boiled egg, 1 piece, 100 gr. cheese and 200 gr. boiled carrots with oil;
Dinner - 250 grams. fruit salad (banana, apple, pear, tangerine, etc.).

Fourth day: Breakfast - a glass of apple juice;
Lunch - tomato, apple, 250 gr. Boiled (can be fried) fish;
Dinner - 150 grams. green salad with oil (can be lemon juice) and a meat patty.

The fifth day: Breakfast - a glass of carrot juice;
Dinner - 100 grams. green salad, and 200 grams. fried chicken;
Dinner - hard-boiled eggs, 2 pieces, grated carrots with butter.

Sixth day: Breakfast - a small piece of bread and a cup of tea without sugar;
Dinner - 150 grams. Cabbage salad with lemon juice, 200 gr. grilled meat;
Dinner - 150 grams. cheese and 100 grams. grated carrots.

The seventh day: Breakfast - a small piece of bread and a cup of tea without sugar;
Dinner - 200 grams. boiled chicken (can be fried);
Dinner - a cup of yogurt, 300 gr. fruits to choose from.

Days of the eighth to thirteenth days respectively repeat the first to sixth inclusive.

 The secret of beauty and diet Marlene Dietrich
 Experts in the field of nutrition are advised to follow this diet is not more than 1 time in 6 months. And, as with any diet, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

Today on the shelves of bookstores for books "The ABCs of my life", by Marlene Dietrich In which she talked about her vision to life, about their roles and the events taking place around, with whom, and why she was, how she loved.
Author: Alesya Marchenko