Top of beauty tips from the stars
 Do you like the look of Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, other celebrities? They have tips for us. Each of the stars has allocated one the most important advice that they recommend us, an ordinary girl to look at star elegant and attractive.

Advice from Beyonce: Smile more often!
"The most beautiful woman when she smiles. Also, do not forget to moisturize the skin - this is the most valuable advice I've ever heard. "

Advice from Kate Winslet: Buy a good cream for the skin around the eyes
"A good cream for the eye area is required, especially when you are traveling or busy at work late. We do not need dark circles under the eyes! ".

Tip from Mary J. Blige: Wash, even if you're tired
"You can not go a whole day without washing face. It's not just about make-up remover. Be sure to remove from the face before going to sleep all the urban grime and make-up, otherwise they will score the pores. "

 Top of beauty tips from the stars
 Gwyneth Paltrow Tip: Use the oil
"I use omega-3 oils, like light oil on their skin, it's one of the most pleasant feelings! "

Advice from America Ferrera: Drink more!
"As soon as I started drinking more water - my skin, hair and nails just blossomed! "

Tip from Rachel Bilson: Bronzer for radiance
"For a natural shine skin put on the cheeks and eyelids bronzer powder."

 Top of beauty tips from the stars
 Scarlett Johansson Tip: Put several layers of colors
"I always start with a matte tone means, it is like a base coat, and then I put or render means adding gloss and glow."

Tip Jewel: Lipstick - on the cheeks
"I always nanoshu not only lipstick to the lips, and cheeks."

 Top of beauty tips from the stars
 Tip Liv Tyler: Rose water for natural makeup
"Once you have done the tonal foundation and a bit of blush, apply a translucent face powder, and then spray a little spray rose water on your face. Put a napkin for a moment, and your skin looks as if you do not apply makeup, and it in itself is smooth, healthy and young. "

Advice from Eva Mendes: Mix bronzer and moisturizer
"Shimmering Bronzer - the perfect way to liven up the face. But it looked to most natural, and it was comfortable for the skin, mix with a bronzer moisturizer. "

 Top of beauty tips from the stars
 Tip from Ellen Pompeo: Cream forever
"Smoky makeup before apply moisturizer on forever, then shade shadow and pencil will be easier. If the lower eyelid crumbled a little shadow, simply apply powder, rinse necessarily that long. "

Advice from Isla Fisher: curl lashes
"To better curl lashes, first warm your eyelash curlers hairdryer. Hold for a few seconds under a hot jet dryer, and then apply to the lashes. Curling will last longer. "

 Top of beauty tips from the stars
 Advice from Frieda Pinto: Angelic glance
"To make up for ever nudu apply petroleum jelly, it will give your eyes an innocent, angelic appearance"

Advice from Halle Berry: Natural lips
"To lips look more natural, I put red lipstick, and then erase it and then attach the glitter glitter."

 Top of beauty tips from the stars
 Advice from Gwen Stefani, mixing different shades
"I like to create your own lip color by mixing different shades. Always begins with a matte lipstick, then top nanoshu several layers of gloss or lipstick. "

Advice from celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stills: Eye Makeup for hot weather
"To my eyes not" flowed ", you need the right products: base under the shadow of (special primer for the eyes), a gel liner and waterproof mascara. Primer keeps deposited shadow and liner in place, even on very hot days. If you are on top of the transparent lipstick cause lip balm, lipstick will stay much longer. "

 Top of beauty tips from the stars
 Tip from Joy Bryant: Nail polish is not necessary
"I like a well-polished and treated nails. They look neat and elegant, and it's a great alternative to varnish, when there is no time. "

Tip AnnaLynne McCord: Highlight your eyes
"To my eyes stand out, use eye concealer two shades lighter than your tone. You will never be tired of the form, and will attract the eye. "

 Top of beauty tips from the stars
 Advice from a beautician Zoe Saldana Rancho Mirage: Do not forget the SPF
"If you have dark skin, like Zoe Saldana, you only have 15 SPF record in your products. If you have lighter skin, then be guided by the number 30. "

 Top of beauty tips from the stars
 Advice from Jeanette Graf, Jennifer Aniston cosmetologist: Radiance Skin without special equipment
"To achieve radiant skin possible without the Shimmer. Exfoliating once a week the skin using microdermabrasion, chemical peel or scrub with enzymes. Try retinol products at night and during the day, use of lotions and creams with SPF. Rose water, cucumber and tea bags easily removed the dark circles under the eyes and redness. "

The article used materials site, from celebrity blogs.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin