Victoria Beckham reveals the secrets of feminine charm
 This spectacular former participant of group «Spice Girls» always knew how to conquer the hearts of men of unusual beauty. And, even as a mother of three children, she still continues to be well-groomed and attractive ... Today, you can learn all the secrets of charm and seduction Victoria Caroline Beckham from the pages of her own book "Another half an inch perfect style, from hairstyles to heel."

Looking through the most exciting moments of the life of Victoria Beckham (née Adams), we can see that interest in fashion lived in her heart since school years. Even textbooks she wore not in the usual school's portfolio and in the glamorous corporate package. And, for example, still at school, she unwittingly became the founder of the new trends, demonstrating how she can look stylish, clothing ... just 2 pairs of socks.

That is not just interested in Victoria fashionable clothes, but she could always come up with something of their own, individual and unique. Perhaps precisely because of this she was able to become an excellent fashion designer.

Victoria's success in the field of design
So, leaving the vocal career, former singer with her husband (the famous footballer David Beckham) took up the issue of women's fashion clothing and perfumes.

Today, the amazing dresses, handbags and other items from jerseys Victoria Beckham are popular among the fair sex. And no wonder!

Victoria feels fine, it should look like a woman, so that men could not look away from her eyes. Therefore it is necessary to elaborate on the key recommendations of an experienced trendsetter, taken from her book about beauty and style.

 Victoria Beckham reveals the secrets of feminine charm

10 Commandments from Victoria Beckham to help always remain attractive

1. First of all, you need to visualize your image
Victoria admits that in matters of beauty it is, above all, confidence in itself. That is your intuition. This golden rule is always possible to adopt. Indeed, why pay for the services of professionals? Believe me, within each of us lives a wonderful stylist. It is necessary to be afraid to show imagination and courage.

2. Seek inspiration to another era
Victoria itself drew attention to fashion 50s. However, in different countries, as we know, has always been its own unique approach to the concept of taste and style. So today, looking at fashion trends that existed in Russia in the past decade, it is possible to choose the most attractive items, which will combine with modern clothing.

3. Shop abroad
Beckham recommended to buy new clothes in New York and Japan. This can be explained by the fact that the most sophisticated outfits from other countries capture the spirit of another people, and allow me to be every day in his charming and unique.

 Victoria Beckham reveals the secrets of feminine charm

4. Enlist the stylish "lifeline" of the type of volume knit dress
Under the "lifeline" Victoria meant something practical and versatile. Something that, if necessary, be able to hide the extra weight and make you feel confident and always unbeatable.

5. Accessories are also important
Victoria recommends to select the perfect bag, shoes and glasses, which must be combined with the overall style of clothing. By the way, it also produces a line of designer sunglasses thoughtful. Probably working in the fashion industry, the ex-singer has learned to think through all the details.

6. Invest in timeless classics
We can not accept this axiom. Indeed, in every era of fashion comes something that then becomes a tradition and will be valued for more than one decade. For example, decades ago came into use a little black dress. And now it is very popular, not only because it allows you to visually appear slimmer. Simply, it is a symbol of style and taste.

 Victoria Beckham reveals the secrets of feminine charm

7. Customize the clothes for themselves
Bold and decisive Victoria advises, if necessary, cut the belt to wear jeans or T-shirts inside out ... you can be creative in different ways. The main thing - to thing of it did not lose a stylish look. After all, not everyone can afford to buy new clothes to allow as often as it used to do Victoria.

8. Start to select an ensemble from the laundry
Valuable advice. It does not matter what others do not see, what you have clothes. The main thing is that the beautiful, tasteful things we feel much more confident. Therefore, even the color and shape of underwear are important.

9. Trust the opinion of a few trusted friends

 Victoria Beckham reveals the secrets of feminine charm

10. Do not expose everything at once paraded
Describing the principles of female attractiveness, Victoria available made it clear that she looks much more tempting, if only to demonstrate or chest area, or just the legs. That is the mini skirt would look good with a closed jacket or golf, and outright blouse - with a long skirt or trousers.

The basic principle - the practicality and comfort
It is worth adding that Victoria herself prefers to buy practical things and accessories, and recommends it to others. For example, for child care the best option, she said T-shirt complete with jeans. I think many mothers will agree on this issue with well-known designer.

 Victoria Beckham reveals the secrets of feminine charm

In the selection of accessories, it recommends restraint (the main thing - not the quantity but quality as accessories should not just decorate their owners, but also, as already noted, to emphasize style).

Besides, Victoria has its own special secrets of how to look attractive and have on hand the necessary set of cosmetics, going for a walk with the kids. For example, beauty Beckham admits that can efficiently pack everything into a small bag, wrapped lipstick, handkerchiefs and other necessary small things in a diaper. This technique can borrow any young mom who wants to always look well-groomed.

 Victoria Beckham reveals the secrets of feminine charm

Author: Alla Pilipenko