Can honey lighten your hair?
 Honey is a magical ingredient for our beauty. It's true. And our skin and hair can tell him thank you. If you know the chemical composition of honey, we can see that it contains hydrogen peroxide. Then, perhaps, honey masks and air conditioning will be able to lighten your hair? Let's face it.

Honey does contain peroxide. More specifically, it contains a certain enzyme (glucose oxidase), which promotes the production of peroxide. However, it should be remembered that the peroxide bleaching agent is effective only at a certain concentration and at the desired pH level. It remains to be seen how much peroxide found in honey.

To lighten hair full enough peroxide concentration of 6%, for a small lightening need 3% peroxide concentrations. Importantly, what we need the enzyme that produces peroxide, is found only in fresh honey.

If honey is diluted with water, the enzyme produces peroxide is extremely small, its concentration becomes 1,000 times less than a 3% solution. It's very little to hope for some result for clarification of hair. Although, if you take a completely fresh honey, do not be diluted with water and put in a lot of - some kind of reaction will lighten.

On the other hand, the effect of any concentration of peroxide is activated by an increase in pH. When the pH level below 4 peroxide, much less aggressive. That is why in paints peroxide is mixed with ammonia because it has a high pH. The acidity of the honey - from 3, 2 to 4, 5, which is low to the peroxide contained in honey, launched at lightening hair.

There is an idea: maybe should somehow improve the acidity of honey that the reaction has gone? One of the beauty-Blogersha insisted that honey will brighten your hair if it is mixed with air conditioner for the hair. What happens if you mix honey with air-conditioning, in which the pH is normalized? The answer is not encouraging: in conditioners pH between 4 and 5, it is still not as efficient for bleaching.

So Can honey lighten your hair?   Most likely no. Even if you take a fresh product with high concentration of peroxide, place in an acidic environment and will not be diluted with water, it is the effect of lightening is scanty and not noticeable. So it is better to rely on honey, both rejuvenating and healing ingredient and not as a lightening.
Author: Julia Gnedina