Care razor: Tips from men
 Women - certainly experts in cosmetics, make-up, personal care. However, there is one topic that is dealt with better men. This is shaving. Men are faced with the process every day, they know a lot of good razors and can advise how to properly care for a razor.

Let us listen to their advice, they contain their razors as clean, and when updating their inventory.

1. Keep clean while shaving. After one or two movements of the razor across the skin, they are rinsed with hot water under a shaver. The more frequently to wash the razor - the better it will be shaved. Fouling not only reduce razor shaving, but quickly blunts razor.

2. Clean aftershave. The best way to clean the razor - to keep under a strong jet of hot water for 5-10 seconds. If the hairs are still left, hold the shaver still under water, but try to change the angle that the jet of water washed all the secret places in the razor.

3. Dry with a razor. Water is good for cleaning the razor, but disastrous if they contain. From moisture quickly began to rust, and other parts of the razor and wear faster. Therefore, after washing the razor should wet it with a towel or paper towel.

4. A little oil to protect the blade. Some men are advised to rinse the razor after shaving a small amount of alcohol to sterilize and prevent corrosion. This practice, of course, protects the blade, but it does not make razor durable. It is best to dry and clean the shaver to drip a few drops of special oil to protect the razor. However, if such a product is not in the building, even a few drops of any essential oil (or baby oil) fit.

5. Keep away from moisture. Unfortunately, not always possible to perform this advice because it's best to keep a razor in the bathroom. But it is worth at least provide that occasional drops did not fall on the razor during the day. Therefore, keep the shaver in a closed cabinet or in a plastic container.

6. At the time to throw. This is the most important rule. Neither does good care razor eternal. With it, we must be able to leave. Many razors have a dedicated band of color (blue or green), she wears - a sure sign that the subject is dropped. However, this band is sometimes leaves too soon or later (much depends on the weather, frequency of use, storage conditions). In this case, the signal can be any discomfort during shaving.

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Author: Julia Gnedina