Map persons where you jump up acne?
 Why do some acne just jump on his cheeks, others proyalyaetsya acne on the chin, the third most likely to suffer from acne forehead? It turns out that this question has an answer.

See. Persons below the map

Lots 1 and 2. Problems with the digestive system. Often, there are spots in these areas of the face - a sign that you need to establish a digestive function. Sometimes it is enough to eat less processed and junk food (prepared foods, refined foods), replace them with raw vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water, as well as reduce the amount of fat in the diet.

Section 3.   Liver problems. First of all, acne signal in this area of ​​food allergies, and a large number of toxins. Therefore, it is a sign to review your diet: eliminate alcohol, fatty foods, for some time - dairy products. Assist as light exercise and sleep, it will give the opportunity to update the liver itself.

The portions 4, 5, 7 and 8.   Drink plenty of fluids! The liver is drained, add to your diet more than a simple drinking water.

Section 6. This is the heart. Abstain from spicy food and add to the diet of vitamin B and Omega 3. Monitor your blood pressure, problems can be here. If you have large pores in this area, use of skin products are oil-free (no oil), the pores are not clogged.

Lots 9 and 10. Pay attention to the respiratory system. Smoke, allergy and even lead to overheating problems in these areas of the face. Keep the body in the basic mode, avoiding oxidizing products, such as meat, dairy products, alcohol, sugar and caffeine. Add in the diet more green leafy vegetables, and spend more time outdoors.

 Map persons where you jump up acne?

Lots 11 and 12. The hormones acting up. Acne and acne in these parts of the face are signs of stress and hormonal changes (perhaps just racing hormones, familiar to the menstrual cycle and ovulation and during pregnancy, and perhaps more serious changes). To solve this problem you need a good sleep, peace, food, rich in vegetables, and plenty of fluids. Surprisingly, but sometimes it is enough to do some female hobbies (knitting, lace, embroidery) and devote more of their feminine essence (to care for themselves, to develop kindness, forgiveness), and hormones restored. Sometimes, it helps several courses of birth control pills.

Plot 13. Problems with stomach. Eat more fiber, drink more water, get rid of toxins and drink herbal teas.
Author: Julia Gnedina