New shoes: how to survive the first few days
 How to get rid of depression February? Correct: to buy a pair of beautiful shoes with heels. And do not say that it is too early for spring new things. Just right! At least you have the time to ensure ease of new shoes.

Many will say that good quality shoes and do not need to specifically prepare for wear. But it is not so. Even the stylish Jimmy Choo is not recommended to wear immediately after the purchase, they require additional taps.

So, you bought a pair of beautiful fashionable for spring. You have the opportunity to avoid calluses and blisters. This will require all three simple things:

1. Thick socks.
Wear thick socks and new shoes. And hiking day in the apartment. The very next day, you can "display a new pair in the light." The backdrop will be softer, seams a little stretch and will not rub the skin.

 New shoes: how to survive the first few days

2. Dryer.
A stream of warm air also helps to soften the joints, a little stretch and soften the hard areas. Put socks on top - a new pair of shoes, and direct a hair dryer to the problem areas. Keep the dryer at a distance of 10-15 cm from the shoes. Leather boots or shoes can be heated without fear, the heat will not spoil them. But, lacquer coating or metallics be heated with care, hold the hair very close, so as not to spoil the look of the shoe.

 New shoes: how to survive the first few days

3. The pads for shoes.
This silicone gel or "cushion", which are specifically designed for the new shoes. The rule is: with the new couple and always buy a set of pads for shoes. They are easily mounted inside of shoes (on the one hand have a sticky surface), established according to the laws of ergonomics, do not damage any legs or shoes.

 New shoes: how to survive the first few days

Author: Julia Gnedina