How quickly dry the varnish
 Hurry? In just a few minutes a manicure? This does not mean you have to give up nail polish. You can make the process of drying the polish quickly with the help of very simple secrets.

Use a hair dryer.   Just turn on the "cool air" because the hot air, by contrast, does not allow the varnish to dry for a long time. By the way, remember, in the salons of the fans are always on. This is not only to keep out harmful particles of acetone, but also to speed the drying of a varnish.

Use cold.   No, it is not necessary to escape the cold. Need a tub of ice water. Make it simple: before starting to paint the nails, fill the bowl with ice cubes and pour on top with cold water. When will paint your nails, dip your hands in a bowl of water for about 1 minute. This is a great way to quickly dry your nails and enhance coverage.

Tip: warm, as you know, the opposite effect cold. So if you have difficulty removing the varnish, before this heat the nails by soaking your hands in warm bath.

Use spray.   On sale there are special sprays to dry nails. Sprayed on the nails and in a couple of minutes, completely dried paint. You can replace this rare product of vegetable oil sprays. Only need to wash their hands after such a drying oil. It is best to use canola oil, it almost does not smell.

Thin layers.   Instead of two thick layers is better to put three thin. It just seems that the three layers of putting longer. Very thin translucent layer dries almost instantly. In addition, the thinner layers of lacquer are kept much longer.

The top coat.   If you use a so-called "top coat» (top coat), you can save a bit of time to dry. These coatings have a special formula for a stable and fast drying coating.

Photo: Thinkstock
Author: Julia Gnedina