Troubleshooting: tanning
 Well, you have opted for artificial tanning, not natural, that is not the best way affects the health of the skin. But what if after applying tanning appeared bands, spots and skin does not look as it should be?

The faster you notice the stripes and irregularities, the easier they can be removed, so keep that in mind.

- If you are new to the application of bronzer, buy means of bright colors, which are gaining color gradually as the application of new layers.

- A thorough exfoliation will help to quickly get rid of the not received tanning. By the way, if before applying bronzer you did not peeling, it can cause irregularities and stripes.

- There are manufacturers that offer special tools to remove the tanning called Tan Remover. They are in the form of a spray, or as a cream, and a cleaning wipes.

 Troubleshooting: tanning

- Lemon juice helps to remove the tan color to the skin with a cotton swab walk around the entire body of fresh lemon juice.

- The alcohol also acts as a means for removing from the skin tanning. Do not forget to moisturize the skin after that, because alcohol is very dry skin.
Author: Julia Gnedina