What is the diet of Marilyn Monroe
 In 1952, Marilyn was interviewed by the magazine Pageant, which now ceased to exist. But in the history preserved revelation about the diet of the most famous blonde of all time.

Try a diet of Marilyn Monroe unlikely to advise nutritionists. And indeed Monroe acknowledged that her eating habits may seem, to put it mildly, strange. Why is that? Judge for yourself.

For breakfast, she preferred this dish - two raw eggs, whipped milk. Lunch actress completely missed. Then followed the dinner - a rather intense. In the evening, she will eat a lot of meat: fried liver, lamb steak. As a side dish - five carrots. And desserts, ice cream.

Journalist on New York Magazine Rebecca Harrington recently tried to follow the diet of Marilyn Monroe. His feeling she described in detail in the blog of the magazine. As a result, power supply according to the rules of Marilyn Monroe journalist got hungry fainting, pimples and constant fear of catch salmonella. Raw eggs now there is not accepted, and she had to buy pasteurized, which is twice more expensive than usual. But on the 10th day Rebecca noticed an unexpected result in the form of an increase in the elastic chest. Weight journalist during the experiment has not decreased, but not increased, so she decided to stop the abuse of his own stomach, still withstand a whole day without food, and at night to gorge on fatty foods, it is difficult.

 What is the diet of Marilyn Monroe

Author: Julia Gnedina