Simple rules that will improve the condition of your skin
 This advice from a beautician Linda Stephenson, founder of the brand skin care products Mèreadesso. She believes that the failure to comply with simple rules prevents our skin to be flawless.

1. Depending on the skin type and personal preferences, create a plan for skin care and follow him always, without exception. Consistency and constancy - the success in skincare.

2. Use cosmetic products that have several plant extracts, and active ingredients. These useful items have to stand closer to the first line of the list of ingredients. A constituent such as waxes or fillers - towards the end of the list.

3. Do not use products that have been extracted for more than six months ago. Mascara can not serve more than 6 months! Funds with sun action should also be subject to revision - they lose their properties more quickly, and it is not necessary to keep them for longer than directed on the package.

4. Walk to consult a beautician at least 1 time in the season. He will tell the right care. Use the services of Corner and shops of famous brands, which regularly organize free advice to their customers.

5. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables a dark color. These are products with a high content of antioxidants and they protect the skin well. In addition, the power must be present in Omega 3 (eg, fish, whole grains), fatty acids also play an important role in maintaining the elasticity and youthful skin.

6. Complement your diet complexes with B vitamins - they are a key ingredient for your hair, nails and skin.
Author: Julia Gnedina