Weight Loss and memory
 It would seem, what does the memory of a weight loss? It turns out that some types of memory in the diet have a significant help. Others, however, only hinder this.

The lucky?

Scientists from the University of Aberdeen found that the holders of executive memory in this issue - the real lucky. It is easier to comply with dietary restrictions, and even the most strict diet it on the shoulder. What are the features of the executive memory?

It turned out that the owners of this type of memory is better than others remember their intention to follow a diet and lose weight .  In other words, no matter where they are - at the table or on the picnic without cheese tasting, or a supermarket - they never forget that a diet .  For them to eat unusual two hundred grams of candy, and then think suddenly about diet .  With such people can not happen unpleasant situation that home-made cake in the oven, and then he remembered himself on the eve of this oath to refuse the use of baking .  So the behavior of these people over the route chosen diet is highly selective, careful planning, common to evaluate the best options to implement the planned, the ability to set goals and achieve them .  In addition, these people, because of their dedication, it is easier to stick to planned .  They rarely deviate from their goals, to endure hardship for the sake of a new gastronomic figures . 

 Weight Loss and memory

What else?

If you can not boast of such a memory, it is necessary to come up with something else to keep in mind the desire to achieve a result.

First, the researchers recommend to do for themselves inspirational reminders. This is the case when to hang on the refrigerator full photo Lady, you do not want to become, or shot slender beauty for inspiration. Whenever you want to "illegally" to get into the refrigerator, the photo will remind you of someone you want to or do not want to turn.

Second, the best remedy for unexpected bad snacking and food disruptions - it is powered on schedule. You must create a menu for each day and stick to it. It is necessary to consider including what you will seize hunger, if he comes unexpectedly. A pair of apples in the bag - that's what you need to escape the "raid" on the chips and cookies in the office.

Thirdly, the need to make weight loss a part of his life. For example, keep a food diary, which, as we know, great discipline. It is also good to help the weighing.

Among other things, the use of weighing in weight loss has recently been once again proved by scientists. Experts from the UK conducted an experiment on the basis of the University of Birmingham and proved that regular weighing can not only lose weight but also to maintain the result of weight loss for a long time.

The subjects were divided into two groups. Some people following a diet weighed, others that did not trouble himself. It was found that regular weighing helped test score about 8 kilograms less compared with those who abandoned the routine. The study's author Claire Madigan called scales excellent means of self-control, which helps to maintain the achieved results.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya

Weight Loss and memory
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