Makeup Tips: Matte finish
 Matte leather fashion in the coming spring. But this does not mean that you have to constantly pour over enough of the powder. Haze spring and summer of 2013 - more natural than ever: it includes a combination of creaminess and a radiant skin. How to reach the trendy matte finish?

This requires only a few steps.

Step 1. Preparation of the skin
Start with a clean, damp face. Try this novelty as matting moisturizer (it may be a BB Cream). Choose primers and creams that suit your skin type, if you close all the fine wrinkles. For oily skin, oil-free products suitable basis and for dry skin you need to use a primer based on silicone.

Step 2: Choose your color
Here, too, it is important to not only find the correct tone, but also means corresponding to your skin type, then the foundation will not lie on the face of a fixed bed. Choose a foundation with a matte effect. Apply a round brush, its top in a circular motion to create a matte effect. To add a face heat, apply a little matte bronzer.

Step 3. Powder
In general, this step is better to skip if there is no suitable product. A suitable - is a colorless, mineral powder. Now toning powder makeup artists advise not to use, it is oxidized during the day and makes the skin dry, settles on the skin like a cake. If your skin - normal or dry, then move to the powder to be skipped to keep the skin velvety.

Step 4: Make-up
If the skin is matte - it does not mean that the eye makeup and lips must also be frosted. Add a little twinkling eyes and lips will not interfere, it will only accentuate matte skin. For eyes, use a flesh-colored shadow, lip - warm pink or plum tones.

Step 5. Save haze during the day
Be prepared for the fact that the oil skin care will be provided during the day. To keep this to a blotting paper. If there is a possibility - then apply the round brush on the bright portions somewhat colorless powder. And a very good way to bring back the person haze - a spray of rose water, it will not spoil the makeup, but will retain elasticity.
Author: Julia Gnedina