Hair removal: shaving
 Someone enjoys waxing to remove hair from the body, someone goes to the laser. But on the shaving razor nobody forgets it refers to either permanently or from time to time in between salon treatment. Then the question is: how? In it, we will try to answer in this article.

Razor sure to take along on a trip, vacation, hardly anyone would want to mess with wax at the hotel, or spend precious sunny days on laser hair removal. Moreover, the adaptation period shaving does not require, at least once on the beach.

Incidentally, shaving summer is different from winter. This is indicated by polls. For example, 28% of the readers of the portal Stylelist said that winter does not bother to shave legs. But in the summer we have to shave every hair and generally sensitive about the state of the skin of the body.

Then it's time to do it properly to avoid cuts, dry skin. It gives confidence to any woman and sexuality.

The first advice is this: if you have too dense vegetation on the body, then shave, probably not the most effective approach. It is better to contact the salon and taste of the wax hair removal. A razor used as additional assistance.

If your hair is more suitable shaving, then we start our simple recommendations:

 Hair removal: shaving
 1. Before shaving - peeling
The skin on the legs, usually dry, therein more than the dead cells. Shaving is an obstacle, the hairs are not removed at the root. So start shaving her legs with exfoliation. Do not use harsh exfoliants that there is no micro-wounds on the skin, the razor will only cause irritation. Exfoliation is necessary, and in order to prevent the growing hair. Incidentally, this is not such a rare problem, about 60% of women say they have had ingrown hairs after shaving.

2. Shave - only on damp skin
Shave your legs the best in the bathroom. And not only because there is no one hurt so intimate process. Before shaving you need to wet skin, taking a shower or bath for 10 minutes. The skin will soften, the follicles are softer hair - supple.

 Hair removal: shaving
 3. Use a shaving cream
Without the use of shaving cream, it can cause skin itching and additional dryness. In shaving creams have moisturizing ingredients, and this helps to avoid irritations. Moreover, they are available and antimicrobial ingredients. If there is no shaving cream, a great alternative - hair conditioner. It facilitates shaving makes the hair more pliable and slightly softens the skin.

4. Moisturizing After Shave
Razor deprives the skin of natural oils from skin cover. After shaving it is necessary to further moisturize the skin. It may be baby oil or your favorite moisturizer. You can also use oils for the skin. Do not wipe your feet with a towel after shaving and showering. Apply lotions and creams while the skin is moist, it will moisturize the skin more thoroughly.

 Hair removal: shaving
 5. Shave the correct direction
On the legs the hair grows downwards. Shaving is necessary to meet their growth, that is, from the bottom up. Rinse the shaver after each movement. Do not shave blunt blades and dirty. This will protect you from bacteria and irritation.

6. Combat irritations
In any pharmacy you can buy the soothing itching and irritation of the funds they must contain salicylic acid. Another rescuer from irritation - hydrocortisone ointment. There sedatives with aloe juice. And yet - be careful to not shave the same place twice. Follow this helps shaving cream. Then the wounds and cuts will be much less.
Author: Julia Shestakova