Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks?
 This problem is perhaps the second most important after the cellulite that concerns a large number of women all over the world. Can you do something with these unpleasant skin defects not to walk on the beach, under the cover of a couple or a handkerchief?

And why do they appear?
In most cases, stretch marks appear during growth spurts of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues occurs during pregnancy, puberty, due to a sudden increase in weight or steroid therapy. As for pregnancy, about 90% of pregnant women are faced with stretch marks! Stretching, however, may be reduced or disappear after normal weight after giving birth, but this is not all. But experts say that even in this case stretching is not completely disappear. Possible causes include the appearance of stretch marks and diseases such as anorexia, tuberculosis and Cushing's disease.

The tendency to the appearance of stretch marks is determined by genetics. And the most common places for their appearance - a hips, shoulders, buttocks, chest, abdomen. In areas where the appearance of stretch marks, as a rule, less collagen, fibronectin, fibrillin and elastin, which are important components of the skin.

What do they look like?
New, just appeared stretch marks usually appear pink, sometimes they cause itching and have some relief (the so-called "red stretch marks'). Then stretch darken and grow over time become white and completely immersed in the surface of the skin, becoming a bit like a scar (a "striae Alba"). In fact, stretch marks - a trauma in the deeper layers of the skin, so often superficial drugs do not help get rid of them.

How do we treat?
What treatments are available. Naturally, we are interested in the most effective. The truth is that so far not developed any one method that works for all forms of stretch marks. Therefore, we must, as in all things, to look his way.

- As a rule, from the easiest to get rid of stretch marks when they are fresh and still pink. When stretch marks are white, they are difficult to treat. So often inspect your body and do not start the problem, it is more easy to solve.

 Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks?
   - One of the most reliable treatments for fresh stretch marks - a cream with a high content of vitamin A (tretinoin, Retin-A). It is rubbed into the stretch, vitamin A stimulates the growth of skin cells and just appeared stretch marks go away. However, for older stretch marks this cream almost can not do anything.

 Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks?
 - There are other creams and ointments containing natural extracts to stimulate skin growth. For example, Trofolastin (sold in pharmacies and shops for pregnant women), with the active ingredient of Centella asiatica. However, again, should be warned that it is effective only for very fresh stretch marks.

- There is some evidence that the glycolic acid (it is included in the group of alpha-gidrokislot) can stimulate the production of collagen and improve the appearance of stretch marks.

- Of the available funds - household vinegar. Make regular wipe with vinegar home or professional peels 15-20% TCA (once a month). This technique greatly improves the texture and color of the stretch marks.

- It is necessary to pay attention to the salon help with stretch marks. Well established in the treatment of stretch marks such as microdermabrasion, radiofrequency and laser therapy.

Is it possible to prevent?
From difficult to get rid of stretch marks. So maybe you can prevent their occurrence?

 Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks?
 - Common sense says that a well hydrated skin is less prone to deep injuries, which are the stretch marks. Studies on this point, but I will not be superfluous to keep the skin in a constantly moist. For this help, and the notorious 8 glasses of fluid a day and massage oils. Camellia oil in this sense is most appropriate, since more and promotes the growth of collagen in the skin.

- Cream with hyaluronic acid also help prevent stretch marks. This component not only hydrates, but also makes the skin more elastic.

 Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks?
 It will camouflage?
From the above it can be concluded that the fight against stretch marks - it is a long and not always successful. And the logical question arises: is it possible to hide the stretch marks? Make-up, for example.

Yes, make-up can cope with some manifestations of stretch marks. And do not laugh, it would have to apply cosmetics to ... buttocks. Incidentally, even such stars as Scarlett Johansson, Kate Beckinsale and Angelina Jolie confessed in interviews that suffered stretch marks, and at times have used makeup to hide stretch marks.

The most effective way - a concealer or corrector. But the use of tanning is not recommended, it is just opposite to exaggerate stretch as lie differently on the skin between the stretch marks and scars themselves.

Smooth uneven skin stretch marks will help an active daily moisturizing skin.

And by the way, do not forget about exercise. If you can work on your muscles and keep the skin supple, the stretch will be less noticeable.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin