Summer Secrets Makeup and skin care and hair
 What to do to not face shone, makeup is not "floated" hair is not pushilis and do not change color ... This and much more in this collection of useful tips summer.

Primer. To keep makeup in place throughout the day, use a primer. It will also help to remove unwanted facial shine. Apply the primer is necessary after you are dealt a sunscreen with an SPF and moisturizer. Allow the primer to dry completely before proceeding with make-up.

Liquid texture. Go in the summer and in the creamy liquid texture. For example, replace the eyeliner on liquid water resistant liner. When all the heat literally "melts" liquid texture remain as they were originally. Pay more attention to the shade of creamy, cream blush, liquid lip gloss.

Hairdryer. Avoid the summer from a hair dryer. Summer - a rather dry season, so there is a chance to enjoy all the advantages of natural drying of hair, as well as advise stylists. If zapletete semi-long hair in a braid, you get a fashionable «beach» wave. If the dryer can not do without, do not dry your hair in the bathroom. There's too moist air, it will make the hair pushitsya as you do not pull the hair brush.

Cold shower.   You quickly get used to it, do not be afraid of cold water. A cool shower is much better for the skin. Hot water is less moisturizes. Hot showers less useful for hair, especially dry hair causes damage. He opens the hair follicles and, if not complete the procedure with cold water, then they are dehydrated because remain open. At the end of each of the aqueous procedure makes a cool shower, it will seal the hair follicles and moisturize the skin. Extra bonus - smooth and shiny hair.

Protecting hair.   From seawater hair can lose its bright color and can be painted greenish. To avoid this, before bathing, apply a little oil on the hair (suitable baby oil, olive, coconut). If you do not have anything, then before entering the water, even wet the hair with running water from the tap (most beaches are equipped with shower).

 Summer Secrets Makeup and skin care and hair
 Less tone.   Make-up artists are advised to use only light summer texture tonal resources. But even if such means cause small "effect of the cake?" Good idea - to dilute the foundation cream to the eye. Food for the eyes not heavy, not greasy, it will be good for the whole person in the summer. In order to make smaller "floated" in hot temperatures, use creams on the basis of silicone, they are not lubricated. But the most important rule of tone in the summer - the smaller the better. Makeup artists believe that applying cosmetics fingers, easier to control the thickness of the layer. Use fingers to avoid too thick layers of colors.

Two in one.   To avoid feeling too many layers of makeup and abundant layer means that the skin breathe "deeply" - note the multifunctional products. For example, a moisturizer with SPF replace the combination of "moisturizing cream + sunscreen" and foundation with SPF, mixed with a drop of oil for the person to replace "moisturizing + sunscreen + Tone." Daytime means looking to the SPF record is not lower than 20. Pay attention to the new generation of BB-creams, sometimes they provide a combination of "7 in 1", where not only toning and moisturizing, and more premakiyazh, alignment, whitening skin.

Edema.   They are quite often, and not only on the excess glass "Margarita" on the weekend. Slices of cucumber or potato saves better than any concealers. There is a trick: before you put the potatoes on the eyes, put the slices in water for a minute or two, and then - on the eyelids for 15 minutes.

Lips.   Avoid loops in the summer. Lipstick quickly eaten up, and vice versa contours remain vedu the skin. Go to the luster of the lipstick. It is best - low-fat and semi-gloss, and even better - tint balms, such is and Avon, and Clinique.

 Summer Secrets Makeup and skin care and hair
 Scrub.   The seasonal outdoor shoe foot care is especially important. The main secret of smooth leather toe - exfoliation. Apply a good scrub all over the body, especially the feet. Then apply a moisturizing lotion. And on foot at night, wear cotton socks. You wake up in the morning with heels like a baby, and be able to put all the most open sandals. The easiest Foot Scrub: olive oil + + sea salt lemon juice.

Shaving.   In summer, shave legs more often, this is understandable. But do not use aftershave on the basis of alcohol. Soft lotion will help prevent burns and irritation.

Do not forget about the whole body.   It's not just about taking care of the soul. You can apply a light summer makeup and body .... Spray a little shiny powder on the chest area, apply a bronzer on calves and shoulders. You can add a little blush or highlighter brilliant in body lotion and "walk" them on the open parts of the body: shoulders, arms, legs.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin