Acupressure: Getting rid of the pain
 Who does not know the situation, when suddenly starts to hurt neck, head, back and hand is not an analgesic. Or maybe you suffer from chronic pain? Let me tell you a secret. You can help yourself by using technique of acupressure.

Even the skeptical Western scientists are beginning to understand and accept effectiveness of this technique. In the meantime, scientists argue, I would like to offer you some effective ways to relieve pain in different parts of our body.

To begin with, how to help yourself if you started headache . Headache can cause a variety of reasons. Most often it is overwork . Before we begin to acupressure, a couple of tips:

1.   Spend 20 minutes in the day relaxing or meditating. Even if you take the time and the balance through 3 days. So you protect your body from unnecessary tension and stress.

2.   Do exercises for the neck. Since most of the strain in the neck and the back of a headache.

Now, move on to acupressure to help relieve tension and pain . Whether or massage, or press on these points. Influence should be no less than 3 minutes.

1.   Dot GB-20 . Located at the base of the skull at a distance of the width of two fingers from the middle of the neck. You immediately find these depressions.

2.   Dot LI-4 . Located between the thumb and index finger. This is a soft area between them. Massaging this point on both sides hands and body.

3.   Massage temples. Find the area immediately around the eyebrows at the temples. And press down on these points for 15 minutes.

This procedure should be done several times a day.

But if you migraine Then treat the point on the back of the hand. To do this, set aside the thumb to the side, and directly below it will be hollow. Push it a few seconds. So you calm the nervous system.

Acupressure helps with menstrual pain . The practice is called the point, which is recommended to massage against such pain, SP 6 . To find it, look at the inside of the leg. Divide distance from the ankle to the end of the gastrocnemius muscle in half, and there is SP 6. Or, measure this distance with the help of his hands, then set aside from ankle four fingers and get to where you want. Next, at 90 degrees puts a big or middle finger to point. And push. Just do not hurt yourself. It is impossible to massage this point in pregnancy!

And, of course, it is worth mentioning Treatment of pain in the neck and back . Long prosizhivanie front of a computer, wearing weights is not the best effect on our body.

Pain in the neck.   To get rid of it, keep a finger on the shoulder in the direction of the neck. Not yet grope depression. And the impact on it until you feel relief. Incidentally, this massage helps with headaches. If you do not get better, find a cavity between the pinky and the nameless finger. There is one more point. Press it for a few minutes.

Note:   If neck pain on the left, then massage your right hand, and vice versa.

Pain in the back.   Thus, we find the point GB 30, GV 1 and 2, UB 47, UB 23.

GB 30   located on the buttock. If you stretch the buttocks, then at this point it is formed concave.

GV 1 and 2   located directly under the coccyx and above the coccyx. Press down on these points until the feel the pain. If you are doing yourself a massage, use a pencil or eraser.

UB 47.   You can find it if you put your finger in the ribs to the waist, and move up until not grope depression. Aside from the spine or 4 fingers. And the massage this point.

UB 23.   Move in the same direction. Until he found a point on the width of two fingers from the spine. And massage. Repeat this on the other side.

Can not be considered a panacea for acupressure. To overcome the frequent attacks pain need to change ways of thinking and living. And only then will you feel good.

Be healthy!
Author: Vera Karabutova