Add a sunny mood!
 Excellent mood depends on you, or are you with him? Or maybe you two are dependent on each other? Well, each in its own way will give the answer to this question, one thing we know for sure: when you're in the positive - life is like a bright holiday and everything around instantly transformed. So, we will delight ourselves sunny emotions and let successful attitude attracts more success!

1. Turn to the Cause!

For starters take a few deep breaths. You can be happy right now - just let afford it! Do you think it's hard? Of course not! Admit to yourself, what would you like to do more than anything else at this moment? Be honest! Do not even think to refer to banal fatigue. Remember, when it comes to the desire - force immediately appear, and fatigue may be merely the result of a routine or a defensive reaction to the occupation unloved business. Your body, thus trying to protect you from wasting energy. Why do something through force, when you can put the soul in a favorite thing, enjoy the process and enjoy fruitful results, right ?!

2. Shake and smile!

All that we need - it's bright and sunny emotions! Enjoy life and "invest happiness" in his every day! Choose bright wallpaper. Put hit melodies on mobile call. Ride the rides. Buy new fashionable earrings and bracelet. Maybe it's time to finally arrange a grand shopping with her friends and remeasure all the trends of the season, to choose a completely new and unexpected style? And what if to try on several spectacular images and the full enjoy the admiring male gaze?

Or do you dream to reveal all their femininity and let seksapil? Excellent! Then feel free to go on an incendiary activity Latino! By the way, how about tonight to arrange a romantic dinner with your loved aphrodisiacs: seafood, herbs, spices, for example ?! And for dessert, a chocolate or strawberry champagne "submit" to start filling - a striptease?

Listen to your own intuitive signals and confidently say to yourself: "Yes! ". Do you want life you often indulge? Then learn regularly indulge itself! Remember that you - a wonderful and unique person with their own desires and needs.

 Add a sunny mood!

3. Freshen up!

Drink a glass of water with lemon and mint flavored tea or welded. Ventilate the area. Let the fresh air in your space and life! Go for a walk, which will help you to "erode" positive charge and just enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world. Hiking - the key to vitality, health and beauty and, of course, one of the main components of your personal anti-cellulite program.

 Add a sunny mood!

4. Charging is!

And we're there too! Movement - that's life, so we move purposefully towards the tone, to bring your body into a stunning form and spirit - into a positive. Turn on your favorite music and do stretching exercises or stations. Or put a DVD burning program, which is your favorite model shows exercises and shares the secrets of its harmony. Positive addictive! Just a couple of exercises under the fiery track will help you to come to the tone, cheerfulness, and you do not want to stop. In addition, exercise helps the body to produce hormones of happiness, and for that, I agree, so nice to take a break, how to shake things up, transformed both externally and internally.

5. Beauty admire!

Select your most beautiful pictures, and place them in a charming frames to prominence. By the way, if you wanted to meet your soul mate - choose only those photos that you are not alone. The secret is simple: you have a firm foothold in the subconscious image of a girl who is always in a pleasant environment. As you know, we have in mind - and it manifests itself in real life.

 Add a sunny mood!

6. cheer up!

Take contrast shower and massage movements put on the body lotion with an invigorating citrus fragrance that will charge you by solar energy. Or, put soft music, light scented candles and soak in a bath with rose petals! Caring for yourself - it's so nice!

7. inspired!

Think of the most colorful moment when you fly, and all aglow with happiness! Think how much is really just a joyous happening in your life. Relive vivid emotions you programmiruesh itself on the positive. The brain does not distinguish the real from the fictional events, thus the habit you to be happy!

 Add a sunny mood!

8. converts!

Take care of yourself! Pamper yourself, for example, beautiful hair or apply a sexy make-up. The main thing - to get pleasure from the process, and, believe me, the result will inspire you and others. Feel like a real beauty - herself! Make a stunning manicure. Of course, you can go to the salon, and you can arrange a home and most mini-holiday, wellness and SPA at any time and without an appointment. Pleasant procedure will help lead and handles, and thoughts.

 Add a sunny mood!

9. fall in love!

When we love - we light of happiness. Fall in love and be happy! Falls in love with himself falls in love with life, in their work and even her husband. Add creativity, let vivid fantasy in their lives and "seasoning spice" taste - the result will exceed all expectations. Live so that your eyes always shone with bright emotions and happiness!
Author: Hope Cherepenina