Girl, what you have in the glove compartment?
 All these jokes that car for a woman - a cosmetic bag on wheels, some are without quite reasonable grounds. And now, when street traffic is so saturated, we have to spend inside the car for several hours a day!

Given the fact that the average woman corrects make-up and looks in the mirror about 2-3 times per hour, as evidenced by many studies, it turns out that the car we have to do it too often. After all, we, of course, members of the movement, but at the same time we remain women. Therefore, a trail all the time, including being in your own car, even though the tint.

The atmosphere inside the cabin is not very good effect on the skin. Even if you have excellent air conditioning in the car, we all know the effect of the conditioned air. Air conditioning, a stove, and if they both? Yes, and emissions will inevitably fall into the cabin? The atmosphere is very dry skin. Plastic and carpeting emit more ions. Because of excess ions in the air supplied to the skin little oxygen. Tired not only you but also your skin. And it is urgently needed, "nourished". For this to be close to everything you need.

What can be stored in the glove compartment

Many women carry a tiny makeup, in which seats only mascara and powder box, preferring the "primary emergency" to keep at work or in the car. I would like to still warn you against such a decision, as the storage of cosmetic in your car. Temperature conditions in the car absolutely not suitable for storage of most modern vehicles. All that you can keep in the glove compartment - it just wipes. Yes, and what better not to open the package stored in the glove compartment: the smells, the constant change of temperature - is not the best way affect their properties. Now imagine that they will have to touch the person. Excluded!

The remaining funds are the more long-term storage is contraindicated in the sun, or at sharp temperature drops. Tools and spoil everything. Not only do you lose the makeup prematurely, but put yourself unpleasant skin reaction to fuck up the product. So Get yourself a big car makeup, but never leave it in the car for a long time, always take it with you: home - in the car, from the car - on the job, and so on.

What to put in a big car makeup?

1. Thermal water.   It - one of the main components of avtokosmetichki. Thermal water can be used almost constantly, without any restrictions. Especially if you feel tightness of the skin, or it's too shiny, use a spray with thermal water. Apply it on the face, wait a bit and eliminate the excess by applying to the skin tissue. Do not be afraid to mess up: the funds can be applied over makeup.

I recommend : Sulfur-rich thermal water from the ancient source Garmarde les Bains (France).

 Girl, what you have in the glove compartment?

2. Matting wipes   indispensable for oily skin. They do not erase powder, but simply remove the layer of fat from the skin. These wipes do not leave unpleasant "powdery" film and dehydrated skin.

I recommend : Matting napkin Oil-Blotting Sheets from Clinique, in a compact package as much as 50 pieces!

 Girl, what you have in the glove compartment?

3. Deodorant   Long-acting. Perfumed deodorants are often not very stable, it is better to choose deodorants fragrance free with the effect of "24 hours".

4. Deodorant wipes.   Hands necessarily be in the dust of the road, get dirty when you take the door handle, you may accidentally touch the dirty areas of the machine. In these cases the wet wipes are irreplaceable, and deodorizing more preferable as get rid of the odor, if any, was on hand.

5. Tone Cream   long-acting (labeled long stay). It is more resistant to the touch, and the unpleasant effects of the environment: wind, rain and other weather factors. Correcting make-up during the trip, use transparent powder . Generally transparent make-up used in the cabin is preferable. Because the lighting inside away from the light outside, and using transparent means you can protect yourself from the situation, which hit Bridget Jones came to the party with a ridiculous complexion, then all it is strongly advised to visit the ladies' room.

I recommend:   sverhstoyky foundation-fluid Photo 'Perfection by Givenchy, also has the effect of "a face like Photoshop after."

 Girl, what you have in the glove compartment?

6. Lip Gloss.   On the lips often apply a moisturizing gloss: transparent or translucent. Application of opaque funds requires special skills and experience.

I recommend:   glitter-lip care Vichy enhances the natural color of the lips, gives shine and has a translucent texture.

 Girl, what you have in the glove compartment?

7. Objects aromatherapy Allowing "charge" the skin. You can enjoy refreshing and soothing essential oils. Put on a disposable handkerchief a few drops of menthol, citrus or sandalwood oil, rub their wrists and temples. You can use aromatherapy spray with essential oils. Spray the inside of his car and in a couple of minutes will feel a surge of strength and vigor.

8. Eau de Toilette.   It can also help to relax and not to worry. Look for aromas are not sharp, not excited, they just have to be even more annoying if you often feel nervous behind the wheel. Pay attention to a series of soothing fragrances. Packaging - only spray! But even better on a trip use compact solid perfume. They are not poured out, you do not pour too much on yourself. Many fashion brands are now available in addition to the traditional, and this form of his famous fragrances.

I recommend : Soothing perfume Aromabliss from Oriflame, compact solid perfume Euphoria (Collector's Edition of Kelvin Klein).

9. Hairspray.   Alcohol-based sprays and paints dried hair, in a conditioned air is only complementary to discomfort our hair. In addition, sprayed in a very limited space of the cabin, they can adversely affect the lining of the nose and throat. If you can not do without styling, choose tools, enriched with lipids, proteins, minerals vitamins. In this case, the stacking will be a continuation of care.

I recommend:   Fixing hair spray with extract of black caviar Extreme Caviar Touch from Alterna, spray with a movable latching Caviar Anti-aging from Alterna

10. Eye Drops.   If you get tired eyes while driving, and it is quite possible, because the eye drops large amount of glare, sunlight, and the abrupt change of illumination adversely affects the eyes. In this case the help eye drops.

11. hairpins.   It is optional, but useful if you wear long flowing hair. Even if you do not open the windows, it may be useful if you have to look under the hood or in the trunk.

Interior: inspection

So cosmetic bag is packed, it was really very impressive, but still provided. Now examine salon - what else is needed for a comfortable stay in it today, watching over a woman?

Mirror . The most important moment in a woman's life! Men joke that we are not able to use for its intended purpose rear-view mirrors, using them solely to powdered nose. But this is not always the case. Selecting the smart and prudent avtoledi - special makeup mirrors, as amended. It can be mounted on the suction cup to the control panel can simply be stored in the glove compartment. But most importantly, that it should not distract you while driving. So, have a closing cover, or just get out of the case. It highlights that it can drop you and other road users can be very cool to spoil the situation on the road. So, take care of yourself in the car is possible, but only if it does not interfere with anyone else!

What to do in the car is not recommended:

Use hand cream.   Reserved this procedure for the home. Can it happen that the cream is absorbed enough that prevent normal "clutch" speaking the language of car, arms and steering. And we have to feel confident to control the steering wheel by 100%!

Use for other purposes rearview and side views.   This decoding is not necessary. Clearly, the consequences of irresponsibility in this matter.

Use crumbly means.   It is better to choose a compact. Crisp shadows, blush, powder - a make-up in a peaceful environment. They can be scattered from a small breeze and the cabin is quite possible.

Radically change the makeup.   One can only tinker with the one that is. The point is illuminated. What looks good in the cabin, when entering the air, it can look exactly the opposite.

If you like to ride with the window open, it is better Avoid loose long hair . Sami noticed that sometimes the flow of air can be unpredictable. Lost control while driving or parking - is unacceptable.

Any manipulation with make-up and care is needed to produce only when the vehicle is stationary!   Take care of yourself, your passengers and those who are close to you!

Bon Voyage!
Author: Julia Gnedina