If conventional deodorant enough
 Excessive sweating - the problem is only a certain percentage of women, but each of us imagine what it is. Indeed, in certain days of the menstrual cycle almost all one way or another, feel the discomfort associated with excessive sweating. What means and procedures are able to solve this problem and help to forget about this trouble?

This is - really a problem

Everyone remembers the scene from the French film "Toy" (with Pierre Richard in the title role), when an employee was fired only because he had been too wet hands. And to say that this is just a fantasy authors of the film, then palter. The problem sweating poisons the very life of its owners. It is difficult to choose clothes. Women with this problem forced to abandon the white blouses, from the color of things (blue, red), they are forced to choose motley or dark, which is not always masks the traces of sweat on the cloth. Women with excessive sweating less are promoted, as they rarely allow themselves to speak before a large audience, all resolve often remain in the shadows. About personal life can say the same thing, because women with excessive sweating is very reluctant to receive visits, to meet new people.

Needless to say, some problems! Naturally, cosmetologists, doctors and manufacturers of cosmetics could not pass by this trouble. Today, they offer plenty of ways to address the backlog. Here is just a brief list of decisions and advice.

First, determine the correct diagnosis

All people sweat. This is - a normal reaction. Therefore, without any suspiciousness, and with the help of experts should find out: you have hyperhidrosis or not. ( Hyperhidrosis   - It is precisely the excessive sweating). Remember that sometimes do not need any special medical intervention, hyperhidrosis - the problem of a small number of people. The rest of excessive sweating - a result of a period in my life and eating habits and lifestyle. But if the problem is beginning to poison your life, then go to the following points.

Solution one, gentle. We need a special antiperspirant

 If conventional deodorant enough
 Conventional deodorant able only temporarily "drown" the smell of sweat, but antiperspirants - a group of tools that reduce sweating. They work on the principle of contraction of ducts of the sweat glands. Furthermore, in the antiperspirant composition include substances which reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings of the sweat glands, thereby reducing the amount of sweat.

Such special deodorants are usually colorless gel base, and is preferably applied at night .  Do not leave marks on underwear, and no odor .  Consumption is usually very economical .  One bottle can last for a year! The fact is that over time the daily application may not need .  Apply them women, seeing a good result, psychologically cease to worry about their appearance and begin to sweat ... much less! Therefore, those who constantly uses similar means, is often enough to use them only once a week, and sometimes rather use only in very hot days, or before important events .  The cost of such special equipment is quite accessible to almost any purse, from 600 rubles (Odoban, DryDry), from 1000 rubles (Maxim), from € 15 (Perspirex) .  They are sold in pharmacies and online stores .  Many women really appreciate the ability of these funds, the majority noted that got rid of the problem permanently .  But of course, there is no universal remedies in general, so this list to solve the problem of hyperhidrosis is not exhausted .

 If conventional deodorant enough

• Antiperspirant MAXIM (US production). • Antiperspirant Odaban (UK). • DryDry (Sweden).

Second solution, with a specialist. Reflexology

It helps, but not all. You need to know a good clinic and experienced professional. It has virtually no contraindications, so that before the surgery, you can try it. The method is practically painless, is the impact on certain parts of the body - the reflex zones of the human body and acupuncture points. It can often be enough foot massage, but it must be determined only expert.

Solution three, with a good clinic. Botox

The method is very effective, although it has some contraindications. The main difference that the problem can be solved in one day and the effect lasts from 4 to 10 months (it depends on the personal characteristics and the chosen dose of the drug). For underarms necessary preparation is much greater than for fine wrinkles on the face. Hence the high price compared to Botox in the face, about $ 500. Scars from injections of Botox does not remain, and pain as from a mosquito bite. Perhaps to make shots, not only in the underarm, but on the palms and feet, but it's even more expensive. In general, the procedure is able to get rid of the problem completely. All celebrate good results, but if the problem persists, the next time it is necessary to increase the dose, which, of course, be solved only by a physician.
The most important thing here - of course, qualified physician. Still, it is a medical procedure, besides the underarm - such problem: close to the heart and other vital organs.

Those who do this kind of procedure, noted that it is quite new, dry life, without complexes, concern for wet spots, with the ability to wear any clothes! After the procedure a couple of days is not recommended to go to the baths, sauna, fitness intensively, in general, everything that is enhanced by sweating. With botox some solve the problem entirely, and some still continue to sweat, but for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, a "normal sweating" - this is happiness!

The decision of the fourth, with quality products and good clinic. Dysport

The principle of operation as that of Botox. Only the drug is somewhat cheaper (Botox is produced in the United States and Dysport - in France), although its effect noted more modest. That is, for those who have contraindications to the same Botox. Well, of course, must be a thorough examination before you apply any of these drugs. Dysport lasts from 4 to 12 months, sometimes not observed 100% of the effect, but it will definitely be a relief.

The procedure is painless and safe course of action if the quality of the doctor.

Solution five, radical. Surgery

It does not solve everything, but apparently those who are not comforted by none of the above solutions. If the problem is very much you care, you can undergo surgery to radical pinched the sweat glands. Surgical operation, so there are contraindications, as any intervention. But those who went to this point, to get rid of the problem completely and forever.

The measure, of course, radical, sometimes dangerous (especially in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon), but the effect is undeniable.

 If conventional deodorant enough

A few variants Economy
Well, if you're still wondering over what method you choose, here are some inexpensive and simple recommendations:
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing.

  • Cotton, linen - ideal for your clothes. You can try a fabric made of hemp and even bamboo. They are considered the most organic and ecological, also hypoallergenic.

  •  If conventional deodorant enough
 Use (buy or make your own) special inserts in clothing (eg, "Stop Agent" (with silver ions), costs about 250 rubles).

  • Some advised to apply toothpaste Teymurova. For sale in pharmacies, it is up to 50 rubles. True, it has an unpleasant smell, though quite effective.

  • Try some simple folk remedies:

    • The usual lemon. After showering dry your armpits dry, then wipe with a couple of drops of lemon juice. Lemon can also be used during the day in case of emergency, if to be a public appearance or date. Wipe periodically armpits slice of lemon, and can for some time to forget about the smell of sweat and unsightly circles on clothing.

    • Good lemon used in combination with oak bark. The brew cup boiling water 1 tsp. Of oak bark and add the juice of one lemon. Dampen a cotton swab resulting broth and wipe their problem areas several times a day.

    • Take a bath or sponging with products containing rose oil, cinnamon, mint.

    • If the skin is very sensitive, good results are obtained by wiping the armpits 1-2% solution of acetic acid.

    • Strong tea is sometimes good solution helps if they wipe underarms after showering.

Author: Julia Gnedina