To help the zebras, or How to apply deodorant
 Today it is difficult to find a woman who care about their appearance and does not use deodorant. Of course, periodically print pop numbers that, say, deodorants are only half or two-thirds of Russian women, but, apparently, these Russian women live somewhere on another planet, because I did not meet with them. So, from the unpleasant smell of sweat, we are more or less free, but there was another problem.

No matter how carefully I get dressed in the morning (well, sometimes not very accurately), it is still sometimes turn into a zebra - in the dark clothes are white stripes on deodorant. Of course, sometimes animalic prints look fashionable and sexy, but this is unfortunately not the case. To deal with the problem can be as a simple way and very sophisticated.

Look at the label of your deodorant. Written there be that it leaves no trace? If not, you'll have to buy another one, which is written and used with only his dark clothing. Of course, we understand that you can not believe everything you read, however, the likelihood that a deodorant will get dirty less. But the favorite "dirty" deodorant leave for light clothing. Generally, the least traces left sprays (without talc) and completely transparent means.

A good deodorant dirty only when it is still wet, so do not rush to get dressed immediately after application. Wait a little bit with your hand or diluted in hands. Make a small charge - will be doubly useful. If time is running out completely, it is possible to dry the spray jet of cold (a must!) Air from a hair dryer.

The most common error when using deodorant is too large the amount. Apply a thin layer of deodorant that it only slightly covered with the skin, not overhanging or dripping. If overdone, carefully remove the excess with a dry cloth.

Many people prefer to put on first, and then apply a deodorant is already under clothing. Yes, this method has its advantages, but if you wear tight-fitting T-shirt or dress, you need ingenuity and resourcefulness to reach the armpits, not hurting clothing.

If you still could not avoid the strips, then simply wash off with water. Usually they can be easily removed if you do it right. When the deodorant has dried up, then use a brush for clothes. If this attack has happened to you, where there is no brush, then rub the soiled portion of some cloth, preferably with a relief texture, but before that make sure that the deodorant is not smeared, and it will be even worse.

But for those who are not willing to compromise, there are special t-shirt, designed exclusively to get rid of the white stripes on deodorant. For example, Dress Shure: it is a blouse with sleeves, which is worn on top of the clothes that you do not want to spoil, and then this lower blouse pulled out from under the bottom through sleeve. What did not come up!

 To help the zebras, or How to apply deodorant
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina