Towards the sun, or the basics of combat with spring
 Spring must meet head-on. The main thing is to win from solar-blooming posited season you share the energy and freshness. Yeah, so that was enough for many months. So, we study the basics "combat" operations in conditions of spring.

1. Vitamins

In the first place I put them not in vain. Perhaps the most important point. Hypovitaminosis so called decline of vitamins in the body, knock down even the most healthy person. You will fatigue, dizziness, nausea and even insomnia.

Do you want to get a set of "joy"? So Feed the body it needs its vitamins. And do not think it is better to have fruits and vegetables - after the winter, grown in greenhouses products are often lose their nutrients. And the body in the spring nepriveredliv: no matter vegetable or synthetic vitamins he gets the main thing - to be.

2. A little tanning

  Many opponents of tanning ignore that fact that the skin after the winter-spring period is so weak that a portion of the summer sun does not just deal a heavy blow to her, but can also strongly it hurt. In order to avoid this is not enough to be rubbed sunblock, you need to prepare it to sunlight.

This can help you just an artificial tan. Enough two or three times to go to the solarium and a little sunbathing. Just keep in mind that the first session should be short: 3 to 5 minutes. With each treatment time should increase by no more than two minutes with breaks at least one day.

3. Cosmetics

Tone Cream is postponed until next winter, at least the fall, and for a seat put in a makeup lip gloss (instead of lipstick), the shade of gentle tones and a jar of aromatic oils such as orange. It is enough to cause a drop aromomasla on wrists and behind the ears. Citrus scent will enhance not only tone, and mood.

4. Wardrobe

Down with dark tones, long live the bright mood! This season's dominant purple color is recognized. With him on the podium will be released models in yellow robes, and even light green. The operation will be enough to revive the classic suit a bright scarf or shawl. At the informal meeting of designers offer a combination of bright T-shirts gray vests, jeans, sneakers or boots. Do not also forget about the headgear: hats are all also at the peak of popularity!

5. Music

Spring mood propose to raise the living unusual compositions Music composition Peter Nalich . 26-year-old divorced Muscovite, who became after a popular song "Guitar", despite the ordinariness of the texts has very beautiful voice. Roma Brazil (more than conventional definition!) Music will set a positive mood and energy.

Or maybe I should not here crucified, and you are not just lead the battle with the spring, and concludes with her Truce? Bravo. You - a real woman who is able to look after themselves and their health. And, then, and with the energy you have everything in order. And, as one friend of mine, "From these girls literally a shock wave and there is a man in stacks, stacks ...". Bring down your heart only expensive men. And, preferably, not in the stack, and in your sweet embrace.

Spring your mood!
Author: Larisa Trishkina