With cheerful in the morning! or 8 steps to a successful start of the day
 There are days when the routine is so jammed that the thought of the upcoming start of the day is a strong desire to burrow deeper under the covers to nothing and no longer worried. Common situation? Persistent lack of sleep, rush, stress ... that's the first step to depression ready. Stop! We take yourself in hand, jump from it and change to the main staircase beautiful beginning of the day. Ready?

1. Take care of comfort

Do you want to wake up with a wonderful mood? Create an atmosphere of harmony at home. It is important that you were comfortable waking up in his room. Suppose, for opening my eyes, you first see the beautiful and funny little things, close to the heart, which will give you a pleasant mood. Pick your favorite color of the curtains, add stylish accessories - in a word, accents, to eye pleasing.

Incidentally, it bedroom   Feng Shui experts are paying a lot of attention. Here you can recover its energy balance, body filling a vital energy.

So: Your bed should be adjacent to the wall, but only if the wall does not border on the toilet, otherwise the result will be the opposite.

Feng Shui is not recommended to put the bed opposite the door, and as a headboard to the window: this place can hardly be called comfort zone, because, here you will be more difficult to relax and, therefore, is unlikely to get well relax during sleep. The fact is that the area exposed to direct streams of energy that prevents full relaxation.

And yet there is a solution. If in the near future rearrangement of the furniture is not included in your plans - hang on a long lens rope near the window or put it on the windowsill. It will pass through a flow of energy and thus dissipate them. By the way, bear in mind that the abstract design, according to the ancient doctrine, is not suitable for the bedroom, since it refers to Jan - the opposite element. Taboo applies to paintings of water, decorative fountains and even an aquarium. Let the bedroom will be for you an oasis of tranquility harmony. And you will wake up in it with joy!

2. Rise and shine

To wake up with a smile, put your favorite alarm sound - the one with which you'd like to start your day. And more often to change it! You do not want to Each morning began with "the same song"? Diversity - is the spice of life, right ?! Let the melody set the tone for your morning and will charge you an excellent mood!

One friend of mine on the question of how she manages to look so cheerful and well rested in the morning, admitted that she loves to wake up the fiery Latin track. And even if she has to an important meeting, and time for restful sleep is not enough, her favorite tunes charged energy like the Mediterranean sun. After this the music just do not want to sleep! But on weekends she prefers the quiet sounds of nature that set it on a harmonious way.

3. Start the morning with a smile

Our consciousness - an interesting thing! Sometimes these images can be scrolled in mind that not only stand up, but nothing like it. By the way, what do you usually think about when comes the "long-awaited" morning rise? Let's try to guess: "Again, get up ... get out from under the warm cozy blankets ... then again, hurry, bustle, traffic jams?"

Replace worn-out picture on some bright and very nice! Remember what a beautiful morning is the beginning of a beautiful day. I, for example, helps this technique, I imagine how, in falling, red rose petals, fill a room. It's nice to imagine the same as getting up out of bed, it would be wonderful to walk on a gentle carpet of petals, catching them with your hands ?! Think of your joyful meditation or just remember that what you are grateful: for his success, for love and friendship, or the sun that shines in your window. You - a clever, and all you will be fine!

4. Create an incentive

That today you can make your day special and memorable. Admit it, what would you like implement most of all: go in the evening to Latin, to meet with her friends in a cozy cafe or do yoga? Or maybe you just make up your mind today happy to change: go on a date or vyshlesh your resume to do the work of your dreams?

Think about what brings you joy and pleasure. It will certainly inspire you to a half-turn. Think about the words of the famous psychologist and writer Louise Hay   "Everyone, including me, bear full responsibility for all events in his life, and the most good, and worst. Every thought we think literally creates our future. "
Indeed, success generates success. Tune yourself to the positive wave. Life is beautiful, and you - the owner of his life. It is now being introduced safely dreams in your life!

5. Awaken the tone of the body

Wake up with love! With the love of self, for a new day and your new wonderful life, because a new day - a new you. In no case can not be sharply up from the bed. It is better to soak a couple of minutes, sweet pull. Let every cell of your body is filled with oxygen and energy of a new day. These simple tricks are really able to charge you vigor, and what could be better than to stand up "on the wrong foot?"

Incidentally, numerous studies show that breathing is largely influences on our well-being, and in the state as a whole. Take a deep breath, for example, aimed at stimulating vigorous activity, while exhaling - relaxation. Still she did not wake up? Try it for a few minutes to concentrate solely on the breath. Breathe with pleasure. I feel like it's actually nice.

Actively massage your earlobes. Even in ancient times healers fine knew that the pinna - is to concentrate biologically active points, the impact on which not only mobilizes the internal organs, but even helps to cure various diseases. Massage the upper edge ear. This morning the procedure is especially useful to those who in the evening sore or swollen feet. To finally wake up from sleep, gently knead the ear tips of his fingers.

6. Take care of health

According to Ayurveda It is useful to start your day with a healthful beverage. Preparing it is very simple, and you need to drink it in small sips an hour - half an hour before meals. Add to warm water spoon of honey and lemon juice - your drink is ready. With regular use he has a beneficial effect on the body tone.

If pressed for time, or do you prefer tea in the mornings only - to give preference to green. Be sure to put a slice of lemon in it, and then it does not invigorate you worse coffee. Vitamin C banish fatigue, which have a positive effect on your mood. And, of course, do not forget about the honey! Try to eat every morning spoon. All have long heard about its benefits, so why not develop the habit every day contribute to your health? Especially since he perfectly strengthens the nervous system.

7. Energize

To be on our toes, bring your senses and thoughts. This can help you own a mini-ritual that in joy. For someone - a process of preparation of coffee in the morning for a cup which is so nice to relax for a moment and ponder the prospects. Someone loves to start your day with a morning jog in the park. Ventilate the room, for example, I really like to light aroma lamp with a refreshing citrus scent or sprayed aromasprey. The room fills with the smell terrific - you feel like a real witch, and just want to do!

8. Bring yourself into shape

No more "next Monday" and no "new year." You live here and now, right? Then act is now. Right now you lays brick in the foundation of its beauty. Do you remember about the positive installation? And about what you are - beautiful, and you need to take care of yourself? Now visualize yourself just incredibly sexy.

Something is not quite satisfied in appearance? Then it is clear submit the form that you would like to adjust, even more seductive. Represent and squats, present and stretch the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Process delays - you do not even have time to blink or wink. A couple of minutes is quite enough to come to the tone and feel ready to start.

And one piece of advice:

Each time before you leave home, be sure to smile at her reflection in the mirror and say something warm, for example, only one magic phrase: "I am confident and happy today - my day!". How long have noticed psychologists, respect and love others - is the result of self-esteem and self-love. Appreciate yourself shalt comfort his life and loved ones. Then positive change will not keep you waiting.

Good luck to you and the beautiful start to the day!
Author: Hope Cherepenina