Dye your hair without risk ?!
 The beautiful and rich color of hair - this dream of most women, and this is natural, because a properly selected shade emphasizes the beauty and depth of the eyes, the skin a healthy glow. Alas, not all nature has awarded a beautiful and bright color hair, and from gray sooner or later, can not escape. But, in addition, because women are so fond of experimenting, change shape, plus many very important to match the changing fashion of hair color. But how to create a new way how to change its image by changing the hair color, do not hurt them at the same time?

There are three main ways , With which you can realize your wildest desires and fantasies concerning the colors and shades of hair:
- Hair coloring proof paints, which are based on the active chemical elements;
- Hair coloring using natural dyes;
- Coloring shading tinting colors.

But will these methods safe for the hair? And are there any ways to absolutely harmless hair coloring? Is it possible - to achieve a beautiful, stain resistant without damaging the hair structure?

More recently, the answer was clear - no! Harmlessness of chemical dyes, can be regarded as a toning agent, it does not affect the structure of hair, but they were washed away without a trace after a few pomyvok.

Permanent tint
Resistant hair coloring can be attained only by paints containing ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide provides the dye in a hair discoloration (removal of the natural pigment), and ammonia is responsible for deep penetration into the structure of the artificial hair pigment. The truth in this case, "a great couple" inflicts significant damage to the hair so that even the addition of herbal ingredients and vitamins in the paint, reducing the use balms after painting, can not fully remedy the situation.

 Dye your hair without risk ?!
 Natural dyes
The only alternative to a chemical resistant paint is organic natural dyes - henna and Basma. Yes indeed, henna and Basma well kept, are beneficial to the health of the hair (if no individual intolerance), but there have flaws! Color range is very limited, and painting them can not be called comfortable. Time for the procedure you need to spend a lot, staining technique is quite inconvenient - if the paint is a liquid, it follows from under the hood, if thick, then paints over bad. Apply the mixture should be divorced quickly, hot, and then hold on the hair for a long time (from one hour to three).

There are certain difficulties in painting and other natural dyes, for example, only the preparation of ink-shell and baffles walnut leaves more than two hours.

 Dye your hair without risk ?!
 The new generation of paints
In recent years there have been encouraging changes. One by one, all the leading manufacturers of hair dyes are the market its new products - ammonia-free color, besides announcing them as sufficient proof, paint over gray hair and even strengthens the hair structure. On the shelves you can see a lot of different colors, marked "persistent" and "superstoykie", "harmless", etc. From this abundance can be, it would seem, to choose a suitable price and quality paint with ammonia or without ....

But can you believe the advertising, and is not there a catch? Can resistant paint to be harmless, and at the expense of some chemical elements (if it is not ammonia) there is penetration of the pigment in the hair structure? Specialists in hairdressing confirm that, yes, with the help of modern technology, even hair coloring chemical dyes can be done virtually harmless procedure.

There are options...
There are several options how to dye your hair in the desired color, without causing harm to their health:

Option №1 . Suitable for those who live in large settlements and has enough money, time and a desire to afford a professional painting in interiors. In principle, any establishment midrange you make sparing coloration using professional lines such as the L'Oréal Professionnel, Igora from Schwarzkopf, Color Touch of Wella   and etc.

Specialists in a good salon can offer a greater range of colors and modern painting techniques, among them such advanced as:

- Procedure "ceramic coloring" ("silk painting") - CHI . The technology was invented by the American hairdresser Farouk Shami, the abbreviation CHI means "cation-moisturizing relationship", according to this principle, according to the author, and interact with the hair dye. The ink composition includes CHI Silk Cream and CHI ceramic alloy 44 containing 44 inorganic compounds. The ceramic particles gently lift the hair scales, allowing the penetration of the pigment in the hair structure without the rough opening of the cuticle, with a combination bezammiachnoy paint and silk have on the structure of hair positive effect. Technology "ceramic coloring" is not easy, and requires high professionalism of the artist, in the final complex manipulations (leveling, brightening, coating pigment), the result is fixed preparation of liquid silk.

  - Organic Colour Systems . Professional hair dye is an organic dye, paints over a gray hair, provides a clean tone and gorgeous colors, provides long preservation of tone. The composition of the products entirely absent line Organic pollutants such as ammonia, resorcinol, sodium chloride, parabens, waxes, and et al., Although fully avoid chemistry is not possible here. The content of natural ingredients in paint - 89% activators - 84%, air conditioning - 98%. Agree, the proportion is not bad! Natural components of this line - organic orange extract, aloe vera, chamomile, comfrey and grapefruit, almond oil, jojoba and sunflower.

It is a pity that their own use of the paint will not work - to get the claimed results, should be considered too many factors to take into account the thickness of the hair, and the original color, to calculate the exposure time, temperature, choose a scheme staining and recipe dye find the right percentage of oxidant, etc. .P.

Option 2   - For those who care about the health of the hair, but do not have the ability to seek the assistance of professionals, or simply prefer to do everything yourself.

 Dye your hair without risk ?!
 To reduce the risk of damage to the hair and scalp to a minimum, choose soft semipermanent dyes that do not contain ammonia. This active component in their structure is replaced by another, easier, and therefore less harmful to the structure of the hair, skin, respiratory agents, such as monoethylamine. The acrid smell of burning and scalp using such paints are not available, and that's good! However, the mass remains in the presence of other chemical components, it is important that these paints contain a variety of benign and natural vitamin supplements that give hair a healthy shine and well-groomed appearance.

According to specialists and clients, sparing the most popular colors are: L'Oreal Casting Gloss, Revlon ColorSilk, Garnier Color Shine .

 Dye your hair without risk ?!
 Perfect for coloring hair at home cream from Schwarzkopf Essential Color It does not contain ammonia and natural ingredients, including an extract of organically cultivated white tea extract and exotic fruit lychee provide gentle hair care. The paint is easy to apply and spread, has a pleasant aroma. And the result is excellent - keeps a relatively long time, well fills the gray hair, the hair is soft and shiny.

In addition to hair dyes in which producers completely abandoned ammonia, paint there, where the component is present, but in very small quantities. For example, the hair dye Escalation   the Italian Fima Lisap   characterized by: a very low ammonia content - 1-1 5%., the presence in the composition of the natural alcohols derived from coconut oil and using as oxidant Occidente Developer, which is based lanolin alcohol, well protects the hair cuticle. It provides full coverage of gray hair, good lighting, natural and trendy colors.

Another option is relatively safe hair coloring - such as the use of dyes By Davines Finest Pigments   Finest Pigments - coloring system on natural dyes without ammonia, applied without activator, capable of applying all the shades in pure form or mixed together or diluted colorless dye to create a unique hue that enhances the color and shine of natural hair color and cosmetic repairs .  In the salons often use direct pigments and dyes ready for sale offer .  Finest Pigments operates on the principle of toning-Biolaminirovanie - pigment fills the unevenness and roughness of hair, due to this they become smooth, elastic and shiny, thin film, enveloping each hair, locks pigments penetrated from Finest Pigments in the hair, giving them a washed out .  The color is not preserved for a long time, but 5 -6 pomyvok exactly stand .  Apply the dye is simple: you have to choose the right shade, put on clean dry hair, leave in accordance with the instructions (from 5 to 20 min), semulgirovat, adding a little water, rinse thoroughly without shampoo   (this is important), apply conditioner.

As you can see, change hair color without compromising their health can find their main "gentle" version, and there are plenty to choose! Of course, "sparing" - does not mean completely safe, but using such paints, you risk the health and beauty of hair to a lesser extent. Well, if still in full and apply procedures for restoring and caring for the hair, the risk can still be reduced.
Author: Olga Travleeva