Irresistible look, or the secrets of a spectacular eye makeup
 Looking one browed savage
Kindle deadly blood
Old Man splurge on gifts,
At the heart of the young man throw love

Eyes - not only the mirror of the soul? but the main weapon of the women, a means to attract attention, to charm and seduce. Well, that our eyes were more expressive and appealing, fascinating and mysterious? a practice of applying makeup yThe eyes.

For stunning make-up need to have is not so much: Liner eye contour, a set of shades and a bit of experience and imagination. And, of course, will not prevent a sense of proportion, and the effect may be much too strong and "death." The liner allows to outline the eye, give them the desired shape. Well, the shadow - this is an amazing tool that helps a woman to do with my own eyes anything. Properly wielding shadows, we ourselves are like the artist - portraitist, superimposed light strokes and accents, so that his own face turned into a beautiful work of art. The main thing - do not overdo it with the amount! Select the correct product that is right for you, the right to put it on the eyelid, to emphasize the individual shape and natural color of your eyes is.
If you go to a business meeting, a job, it is enough to slightly shade the eyes and eyelashes tint - perhaps not very impressive, but it is quite safe. Well, if to be a party in a nightclub, theater, restaurant, here in this case can be and to shine in all its glory.

First, a few general rules

 Irresistible look, or the secrets of a spectacular eye makeup
 Eyeliner should choose one or two shades darker than the color of the iris - that you efforts and will emphasize the color of your eyes.
Contour line growth lower lashes more effect if it softly shaded.

To hide the puffiness under the eyes, move the eyeliner only the upper eyelid. Then gently apply and blend correcting means to areas under the eyes.

In order lines outlined eyeliner, preserved as long as possible, you can put them on top of the shade closest hue. They strengthen and soften the contour line.

If the path to the eye, you still chose liquid liner, you should know a few basic rules applying it on the eyelids.
Before using liquid liner, degrease the skin on the eyelids and lightly powder the it using the shade of skin color or powder.

Dip the brush into the liquid liner, remove excess paint from it and apply on the open eye contour. Try not to keep his hand in the air, as a support can be used on the cheek. Contour line should be as close to the lashes. First complete strip of the lower eyelid, then gently lower the vzgyad and draw a neat line on the upper eyelid, blend the two lines. It should be remembered that the liner is recommended to select the lower eyelid at the lighter shade liner. Accurate eye contour drawing will give your look expressiveness and mystery.

Application technique and shading depends on the color of shadows

Pearly shade is desired shade only on the upper eyelid and podbrovnogo part, and, behold, matte shadow - and in the crease of the eye, and on the upper eyelid. Also, they can trace the eye.

Fashion eye makeup

• Smoky make-up («smoky-eyes»)

 Irresistible look, or the secrets of a spectacular eye makeup
 Smoky eye makeup is fashionable for several seasons, and his popularity has not diminished. And with the onset of the cold season «smoky-eyes» is relevant, as ever. Firstly, it gives expressive eyes, mystery and soft look. Second, a focus on the eye is able to visually remove a pair or two kilograms, and other shortcomings appearance (if any) to divert attention.

There are several techniques of doing this makeup, but I personally am impressed next, using a palette of three shades of one color. First of all, black (brown) with a pencil or liquid eyeliner is necessary to carry out the contour along the lash line and a good shade. Mentally divide your eyelid into three parts: the inner corner of the century, middle and outer corner of the century. Take a palette of three related colors. In the inner corner of the century used the lightest shade in the middle part is usually used medium shade from the palette of related colors. And in the external area - the darkest. Transitions shaded. But you can make another order of drawing of shades: medium, light, dark. The result is very impressive!

On the lower eyelid shade applied in the same manner as on the top. Gamma gray, pearl gray, violet-gray, golden-brown colors best suited for this type of make-up, the site can be identified under the brow shadows lighter shade of the palette, or white, cream, etc.

But, in principle, «smoky-eyes» can be performed, and using the shadow of one color, the main thing here - the absence of sharp lines and transitions, and applying careful shading shadows and on the upper and on the lower eyelid.

The final touch - one or several layers of mascara on the lashes, depending on what effect we want to achieve .. Brown mascara is more natural and is less dramatic, while as black (especially if several layers) can make your eyes especially expressive and dramatic.

For the lower lashes will be enough only a couple of strokes of the brush with mascara.

• There is a spectacular view of eye makeup for a special occasion - the so-called "angel eyes".

 Irresistible look, or the secrets of a spectacular eye makeup
 Especially effectively looks at the blonde. The eye contour underline brown or golden pencil or eyeliner. Then, on the lower and upper eyelid crease and put the shade frosted shade. In the area under the eyebrow, apply a white shadow with flickering effect. Lightly powder the make-up crumbly powder with shimmering particles. In conjunction with blond or golden hair it looks very angelic!

As soon as the eyebrow will lead ...!

No matter how we tried, making exquisite eye makeup, the image will not be perfect, if the eyebrows are not decorated. And, although the day make-up eliminates the need for more eyebrow pencil, then in the evening without accented eyebrows can not do!

There are several ways coloring and shape the eyebrows:

1. The soft eyebrow pencil. But the pencil must be well sharpened and perfectly matched in color. Draw them to individual hairs to fill gaps or extend an eyebrow, and then go through the brow brush. Hairs at the same time you need to draw as they grow.

2. Use a soft shade of gray or brown tones, striking them with a special, hard brush.

3. Can be used for touch-up mascara - it gives shape brows, good tint hair and looks very natural. Using gel for eyebrows anchoring too thick and unruly eyebrows.

  Fashion is changing, the requirements of eye makeup, length of arrows, shape brows (there was a time when they were all removed!), And so on, so the main thing - listening to the fashion trends, yet remain true to their own ideas and understanding of their natural beauty!
Author: Olga Travleeva