All women do it! or makeup - the art of beauty
 Beauty has always had a sacred value of human life, associating with the concepts of divinity, the ideal harmony. Beauty is celebrated in all the arts, and it is no coincidence that the woman is considered to be the epitome of it. As - in any way, "the beautiful half of humanity." This is the title of a great responsibility!

Art Cosmetics originated in ancient times. During the excavation of the caves of the Stone Age have been found by archaeologists rods for coloring the lips, sticks for blackening eyebrows and eyelashes, sharp shells for impaling the pattern on the face and body.

The word "cosmetics" in Greek, means "the art of decorating." In ancient Greece, it was written many books on the care of the person, among them "Kosmetikon." Pay attention to the problems of appearance in his writings and academic doctors Galen, Crete, Hippocrates . The term "make-up", came later and is derived from the French maquillage - «embellish yourself" means applying to the surface skin of various types of decorative cosmetics. We make up the two main goals and objectives: to multiply the beauty and conceal flaws exist.

Well, for some, the beauty - a gift of nature, for others - hard work.
Every morning, millions of women are beginning with the fact that "direct beauty." Someone quite a few minutes for this: a slight movement to draw eyes, to touch a brush eyelash tint sponges and can go out and someone can deal with selflessness hours otshlifovki their appearance.

Why do we do it? Some say that for myself, others seek to impress others. Both are true. After all, make-up - in fact, a silent story, intended for the eyes of others. They see us as we look. But other than that, it is nice to look at yourself in the mirror and notice the sparkling eyes of his skillfully tinted eyelashes, delicate blush on the cheeks, smooth, matte leather, beautiful lip line. Modern cosmetics can work wonders, and her face, we can be regarded as a work of art and we are creating it ourselves, from our skill, talent, sense of proportion, much depends. Generally make-up - an exciting experience for those with artistic taste and it is known, can be developed.

Make-up and physiognomy

Individual makeup can pick up using Takai science as physiognomy. The meaning of science in the influence of the exterior of the fate and success of the person in view of his age. The fact that you can "read in the face", has been known since ancient times. The doctrine originated in ancient China and then spread to Japan, Korea and Ancient Greece. Physiognomy was popular among medieval scholars, and today these ancient teachings and interested physicians, psychologists and artists make-up artists. How to apply this ancient science in our business makeup.

  For example, you draw yourself eyebrows ! From what qualities in yourself you want to emphasize their independent form.   If you crave success, fame - it will be straight eyebrows expansion or rounded eyebrows businesswoman. If you want to win someone weakness, to play the role of an innocent victim of circumstances, then you will approach the edge with a slightly drooping ends.

Or take lips ! According to physiognomy, perfect lips have the following parameters: the line of the lower lip goes strictly by the middle of the lower third of the face, and the lower lip a little better top; the width of the mouth slightly less than the distance between the pupils; a recess on the upper lip with the same depth angle that form the eyebrows.

The ideal physiognomy considered large, prominent and shiny eyes With a very clean and white squirrels. The owner of the eyes smart, artistic, subtle and kind. If you want to make an impression, even in make-up, of course, should strive for this ideal: your eyes should be large, wide-open, glitter and sparkle, reflecting your vigor and zest for life and people. Owning makeup techniques to do this is not difficult. There is a shadow, eyeliner, pencils, brushes.

But there is still make-up artists and stylists - the specialists who know the painting, drawing, art history, decorative cosmetology, makeup techniques owning professional. These are people who will help you find your style and accentuate your individuality.

Makeup as a means of masking

The desire to embellish their appearance, hide the flaws inherent to people since ancient times. But certain shortcomings there (or periodically arise), almost all. And the main thing here really hide the defect, and not vice versa - to attract the attention of illiterate actions.

For example, concealer designed to mask the dark circles under the eyes, it is not necessary to apply for glossing over pimples, rashes, Wen: So we only emphasize imperfections. For such unpleasant phenomena like pimples, spots have correctors specifically designed with a dry texture.

In any makeup importantly - moderation. If you use cosmetic products correctly and without extremes, you can hide a lot of flaws, give a person the freshness and literally painted over the years.

Make-up - it's great!

While cool in the truest sense of the word! It turns out that makeup classes exclusively beneficial to health. Firstly, purely psychological standpoint. Psychologists have many years seeking to unravel the power of charm, the secret of attraction and beauty. Many have come to the conclusion that the only one who refers to herself with love, like myself, can cause admiration and others. A woman engaged in daily makeup, more confident, more psychologically stable.

But that's not all! Not so long ago all the news feeds passed an eye opener. Scientists from the University of Saint-Etienne (France), after analyzing some of their research came to a surprising conclusion - Daily application of makeup is good for health . It turns out that such training if it is carried out systematically, improves coordination and helps prevent falls and fractures. In a study conducted by French scientists, was attended by 100 young women have not. The task of experts were using special straps and insoles, to examine their impact on the change in posture and self-esteem of participants. It turned out that those ladies who daily apply makeup, have better coordination, better preserved balance and less likely to fall. Thus, the researchers concluded that daily applying makeup plays a role of a gym.

We have no reason not to believe the French scientist, although there may be an inverse relationship. For ladies with poor coordination and concentration of attention, probably just difficult to do daily make-up! But perhaps the scientists know what they say, to believe their word.

Some practical tips

The tone for the face.
  If the skin in good condition, the tone is needed in a minimal amount. But even with a bad skin still does not cover the costs they face as plaster. Tint tone must match the color of the skin. To choose the most suitable shade is necessary to put a little money under the chin, slightly shade and look at the result in a mirror in natural light. The right shade - one that will not stand out from the skin.

Eyes.   Eyeliner emphasizes the shape of the eye when applied gently but become weak-sighted eyes and a small, if you have chosen is too dark or too fat line. Just follow the natural line of the upper eyelid, as close to the lashes. Use a soft gray-brown or brown liner in the day make-up, so as not to burden the eyelids. But for an evening make-up, you can use bright colors - blue, green, dark blue or jet black. Eyeliner and it can also be applied to the lower eyelid, drawing a line right in the lashes, very thin and clear, but not bringing it to the inner corner of the eye. Stepping back from the inner corner by about a third, start from this point and drive straight along the line of eyeliner lashes, just repeating the shape of the eye to the outer corner.

Owners narrow and small eyes sum up the inner eyelid not worth it!

Lips.   The first step is to create the necessary base for lipstick. To do this, you will be able to apply loose powder or tone base.

If you use the outline with a pencil, you need to know how to correctly sum up the lips. The upper lip is necessary to sum up, keep your mouth shut. Lower lip outlines from the center to the corners. For a natural makeup Choose a lip pencil, a shade that matches the shade of lipstick (or darker tone). Emphasize the line of the lips after applying lipstick, not before. For shading lines use a special brush

So we treat responsibly and make-up with inspiration. Daily "brings beauty", to set the mood, as well as to adjust ... well-being and destiny.
Author: Olga Travleeva