Brazilian depilation: everything you wanted to know
 It was nice to know that after all there are people who are not ashamed to be interested, and try something new. A separate consideration. After reading the comments on the last article on this subject, I decided to correct their shortcomings and to elaborate on this procedure.

Perhaps, any person who wants to try to make a similar procedure raises a lot of questions. Brazilian waxing procedure itself, I have already described. So let's see what most worries before the first visit to the salon.

1. What adverse effects may be after the procedure Brazilian waxing?

It is important to think about these things before you go to the salon. Even if it happens in 1% of cases, it is still necessary to know about such things. Therefore, I propose to see what might be waiting for you at the worst-case scenario.

• Failure to comply with safety and health standards, you can be infected thrush   or any bacterial infection .

• Less can pick up anything from kind of STD . For example, herpes .

• More common and harmless consequences are redness, peeling, itching and ingrown hairs.

Then I'll tell you what you need to pay attention to minimize the risks.

2. What to look for?

When it comes to intimate areas, hygiene and sanitary rules come out on top. Therefore, while in the interior, note the following:

• have any self-respecting salon, a separate room for the Brazilian waxing procedure;

• Make sure that every time an expert using a new applicator for applying wax;

• make sure that the employee was wearing gloves;

• all items used in the study, should be disinfected (usually there are special chambers, where they keep their tools);

• Make sure that the specialist does not apply twice wax on the same place. So keep everything under control.
A guarantee that everything will go well are qualified and compliance with health standards.

3. Is it painful?

Generally, each of us has our own pain threshold . Please note only that the procedure is more painful than others types of hair removal . Over time, the pain will be less, but will not disappear. So do not think that there is something wrong if you experience severe discomfort. A good option to have a drink analgesic means somewhere about 15 minutes before the procedure.

4. How to prepare for a Brazilian waxing?

So you do decide. Then here's what you should know before you go to the salon:

• Hair length should be not less than 1 cm If they are shorter, then simply glued to the wax;

• take into account the fact that the hair growth cycles   different, and when the first procedure did not manage to remove all the hair directly. Do not worry. If you regularly carry out such depilation Then life cycle of your hair   in all areas are the same, so it will be easier.

• When the hair is too long, they may be slightly shortened to the desired length. If this is not done, the pain can be very, very, very strong. So, if you do not shave, do not hesitate to clarify whether the normal length of the hair. In the end, it will hurt you, not the one who makes the procedure.

• Do not perform the procedure during menstruation. Firstly, it is not aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, in this period, we strongly feel the pain.

• Take a shower and lightly moisten the bikini area just before going to the salon. And, as follows podmoytes.

• Do not use any lotions bikini before the procedure.

• The day of the procedure and some time after, wear only cotton underwear.

5. How to care for skin after Brazilian waxing?

Well, the worst is over. Now you need to take care of the skin at the site of the tender. Here are the general rules:

• Do not wear underwear too narrow;

• Do not touch the skin immediately after depilation You can carry infection;

• Do not take a hot bath after the procedure;

• no saunas, swimming pools and other procedures within 2 days after depilation (full list, check with a specialist in the cabin);

• for the next 2 days, moisturizes the skin;

• in the event of occurrence ingrown hair Consult with an expert in the cabin. Immediately after the procedure, ask what he will advise what to do and enjoy in this case.

Brazilian depilation   bikini should not turn into the most horrible experiment in your life. Therefore, having come to the salon, do not hesitate to control the process and ask questions. After all, we know more, the less afraid.
Author: Vera Karabutova