Keep feet, legs beware!
 Spring! Update time and transfiguration, when literally everything - and the warm sun, and bluish sky overhead and chirping birds and buzzing insects - inspires action. Just wanted to straighten his shoulders, tighten the abdomen, put on a track suit and new shoes ... and go to the healthy, young, beautiful figure! Treadmills, tennis courts, gyms and playgrounds are waiting for us! Especially because with the help of exercise, you can lose weight, correct some figure flaws and even the kind of shape legs.

But you should pay attention to these good intentions did not bring harm instead of good. First, do not overestimate your strength, if you sat all winter with a book on the couch should not immediately load your body as much as possible, because it is fraught with not only the pain in the muscles, and sprains, dislocations and other troubles, and even injuries.

Caution - primarily

This is especially true legs. If you are accustomed for many years to go very high heels, and then suddenly decided to resort to aerobics, or lose weight through jogging, should be mindful of the dangers of so-called inflammation of the Achilles tendon.

Achilles tendon   - A continuation of the three-headed calf muscle, is attached to the heel bone. So, quite frequently in women tendon is weak and short (condensed) from years of wearing high-heeled shoes. If you do not prepare for classes (stretching exercises, kneading), this tendon can become inflamed and then have to give up on workouts, at least for the next week.

Even if you have no problems with the feet (flat feet) you need to choose the right shoes for training . Otherwise, you will lack the stability that prevents excessive rotation of the foot in the classroom. Remember - the shortcomings of the structure stop, did not show up during normal walking can be a source of many problems, if the feet are exposed to prolonged and intense stress. And if with the feet still have a problem, this is not reason to give up exercise, just need to pick up a good athletic shoes with arch supports (after consultation with an orthopedist), and may refuse to run for the benefit of walking or cycling, to exclude from the complex lessons jumping.

Fitness leg. Where, with whom, when and how ...


 Keep feet, legs beware!

Where do? If possible, run the best thing to do on special treadmills ground or along the paths in the parks. It is advisable not run on asphalt and concrete, - grass and soil to a greater extent absorb bumps and shocks. It is necessary that the surface was jogging without potholes, sharp slopes and not too arched. One misstep on an uneven surface, and you can get seriously injured ankle or knee. Each setting his feet on the ground while running - a kind of shock, from which waves propagate through the body and can cause damage.

The best solution in this situation - to wear shoes with thick soles, springy (with shock absorber in the heel and a fixed ankle), which means "running model" or running. If not, you can use shoes or sneakers with thick soft soles. Before going on the treadmill, in order to warm up the muscles, perform a 5-minute warm-up, which necessarily include exercises for the legs and especially feet.

In order to develop the ankle joint, follow the rotation of the foot, drive right and left alternately rising on his toes, the heels, keeping the foot completely. The minimum duration of 20 minutes of jogging. If there is no nearby parks, forests, or the stadium with a running track, and a desire to run is huge - the solution to the problem could be the acquisition of the treadmill - a simulator that you can install and run the house without leaving the apartment.

When to run, ambiguous question, and opinions of experts differ. It all depends on the individual human biorhythms. For "The Lark" better to engage in physical exercise in the morning and afternoon. For the "owls" - in the evening. "Owls" wake up late and they have a lot of time to the body, "came to himself" after sleep. And if you stand alone at 6 am and you have free time for exercise and training, it's time to run. By the way so does the leggy beauty Cameron Diaz . She wakes up at 5 am and rapidly running within an hour.

 Keep feet, legs beware!


Walking - a great way to regain shape and lose weight without exhausting starvation.

Moreover, strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory system, as a result you feel better mentally and physically, and therefore better able to cope with life's problems. But in aerobics our feet in danger!

Because of the huge loads on their feet by repeating the same movement, keen on aerobics, people often suffer from "Shin splints" (periodontitis) . You see, even a special term is, but essentially to stressed muscles of his legs to "rip" the periosteum from the bone.

Aerobics (or similar species) are best with an instructor in the group. The coach will help you avoid sports injuries. After all, their main reason - the wrong training methods, and not play episodes. A good coach will introduce you to a set of exercises to warm up and stretch and learn to relax after a workout, again stretching the muscles and tendons.

Pay attention to the floor, it should not be overly rigid and hard. Flexible and resilient - that is what you need for employment security. If the coating is harsh, wear running shoes, t. To. They are best absorb the load on the legs.

Recently, a fitness center and offers a kind of aerobics like step aerobics   - Training on a special step platform.

 Keep feet, legs beware!

Most of the time would have to go up and down with it: recalls walking up the stairs, but only one step. The basic steps to form a multitude of combinations. Light, rhythmic movements to the music equivalent to jogging. For beginners in fitness clubs usually offer a special course of step beginners - training low intensity. The loads on the joints in step aerobics are usually not as high as in the classic version and the danger of damage to their much lower, but use it for the feet and the figure of the lessons are many: First, burn calories, and secondly, the leg muscles are strengthened, worked buttocks and back of the thigh, improves coordination of movements. Step aerobics helps to recover from injuries and is arthritis and osteoporosis prevention. Shoes Sports steppe need convenient and comfortable. You can not engage in socks or Czech woman. The best option - sneakers.

Correcting deficiencies feet

Exercise can make our feet is not only strong, but also significantly improve their form.

Women who constantly wear shoes with high heels, often occurs thickening of the gastrocnemius muscle   in its upper part, while the lower part, turning into the Achilles tendon remains thin. To correct this deficiency should be performed stretching exercises and relaxation of the gastrocnemius muscle. Very effective springy squat without lifting heel from the floor and touching the buttocks shins. They need to repeat 12-16 times for 3 series. It is useful every day for at least an hour to walk without heels can be barefoot or wearing low-heeled shoes.

Often, women have poorly developed internal head of triceps shin She nerelefna therefore shin inside looks flat. This disadvantage can be eliminated. To do this, bend the other big toes, bring the foot inside. The resistance of this motion is a hand or foot the other foot. 8-10 times in 4-6 series. By the way, step aerobics classes exceptionally well affect the shape of the shin!

If you are unhappy excessive fullness feet   and you want to make them poizyaschnee, the best assistant will be jogging. This allows you to run to lose the fat that covers the muscles of the legs. A good tool for this are also exercises to stretch the muscles. The duration of their performance of 15 minutes or more.

A lot of trouble delivering the so-called women "Breeches" - a thickening at the top side of the thigh . To eliminate this defect need to get rid of the excess fat that is deposited on the outer vastus. Will these exercises.

1.   In a standing position do Mahi leg to the side and inside. 30-40 times each leg.

2.   Standing. The circular movements in one leg and the other direction.

For a more vibrant effect of these exercises should be alternated with running, jumping, as well as massage and self-massage the side of the thighs.

So, what can be concluded? Exercise is necessary and useful to us, but still suited to the choice of employment and the degree of the load must be very careful. Do not aim for rapid maximum results. Even a small "overweight" under certain exercises could adversely affect the condition of your joints, ligaments, tendons,

Take care of yourself and your feet - they will still come in handy!
Author: Olga Travleeva