Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part II
 Since ancient times, the lips were a sign of sensitivity and sexuality, their carefully underlined using existing cosmetics. When the era of cinema, Hollywood actresses have adopted all known beauty secrets and come up with their own, to become an unattainable feminine ideal of all men in the world.

The aristocratic beauty Gwyneth Paltrow by

Intelligent beauty - this epithet to describe the ideal of popular Hollywood actress - Gwyneth Paltrow. Blonde with a magnificent figure wins its intellectual appeal, although the appearance is far from the ideals of classical beauty. The actress gorgeous smile, but his thin lips. Gwyneth likes to use bright lipstick reds, which should be the owners of a neat thin lips. However, recently it has started to use lipstick or gloss light natural tones - perfect make-up to give volume.

To make-up thin lips:

- Powder lips. This is required, because the powder lipstick goes better and lasts longer.

- Carefully draw the outline with a pencil on top of the natural contour of the lips. If you want to greatly increase the volume of the lips, you will need to draw a new path, if quite a bit - enough to outline the contour of the lips on the outside

- Lightly blend the contour line to the center. But do not do it, if your lips are characterized by excessive dryness.

- Lipstick should be applied with a brush - then you will be able to paint over all the wrinkles, lipstick will look more natural and last longer.

- Then tap the middle of the lips slightly lighter pearl lipstick or gloss. Apply a lip gloss or lipstick lighter shade in the central part of the lip.

Professional advice!   When thin lips contour pencil darker shade than the lipstick is able to visually reduce the lips, so choose pencils lipstick tone on tone or lighter shade.


 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part II
 Protective Lip Balm L'Absolu Rouge SPF 10 by LANCOME   - An intensive nutrition and hydration combined with reliable protection from the negative effects of the environment. The ideal tool as a basis.

 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part II
 Lip Gloss High Gloss by ESTEE LAUDER   (№ 03) gives the lips an unrivaled color and shine and also provides care by a softener.

 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part II
 Lipstick Gloss Glam Shine Crystals from L`OREAL   (№ 300). Included in the nutritional vegetable oils moisturize and soften lips, creating a feeling of comfort. Reflective particles create the effect of smooth seductive lips.

 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part II
 Pencil Lip Rouge Brillant by CHRISTIAN DIOR   (№433). Due to its soft, creamy texture is easy to apply the pencil on the lips, creating a clear, sensual contour perfectly holding lipstick from spreading and smudging.

 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part II
   Lipstick Long Last by SLINIQUE   (№12). Due to its soft, creamy texture is perfect lipstick rests on the lips, keeping perfect shape and bright color up to 8 hours. Moisturize and soften lips, she protects them from chapping, cracking and peeling.

Panacea for thin lips - lipstick that increases the volume

 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part II
   XX century did the standard of beauty sensual full lips. Who among us has not looked with envy photos of Angelina Jolie and Monica Bellucci? But unfortunately, not all nature has endowed this wealth. However, enterprising plastic surgeons has been found out - silicone or gel. But not always such a cosmetic surgery can achieve the desired effect, and often frustration. The sensation of the modern cosmetic industry can be called modeling cosmetics. It's such cosmetics that not only hides the flaws and emphasizes dignity, but little changes appearance. By modeling and cosmetics are means giving lips extra volume.

However, these modeling tools will not be able to radically change the volume of the lips, the threads and turn them into full lips African American. But such a lipstick or gloss is still needed. Firstly, the flow of blood to the lips is equivalent to massage the lips, lip skin smoothed, softened, gone small wrinkles. The lipstick often include vitamin complex: vitamin A moisturises and vitamins E and C protect your lips. Silicone, which is part of the lipstick for lip augmentation is a very good protection for the skin.

 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part II
 The basis for the lipstick that increases the volume of the Lifting Lip Base ARTDECO . Visually increase the lips and skin care. It smoothes lines and wrinkles and provides accurate and smooth contour. Beige base neutralizes the natural lip color, so the color looks brighter lipstick.

Council . Apply a few drops on a basis lips and stretch his lips with his fingertips. After a brief drying (2 to 3 minutes), circle the lip pencil and apply lipstick.

 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part II
 Gel-gloss for instant increase lip "Express-volume» Beauty Maxi Lipgloss by Oriflame . Gel-based glitter revolutionary technology Instaplump ™ increases lip volume in a few seconds after application, stimulating the natural microcirculation. The technology fills Maxi Lip lip moisture to even greater effect lip augmentation.

Important!   When applying lipstick, increasing the volume of the lips, discomfort should not be. The only thing that you can feel - is a cooling of the lips and swelling.
Author: Inna Sedykh