Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part I
 Since ancient times, the lips were a sign of sensitivity and sexuality, their carefully underlined using existing cosmetics. When the era of cinema, Hollywood actresses have adopted all known beauty secrets and come up with their own, to become an unattainable feminine ideal of all men in the world.

Sponges a la Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe - a legend in his lifetime, style icon and sex symbol. Platinum hair, dazzling smile, chubby sexy lips, upturned nose neat - this image can not be confused with anything else. She imitated everything from megastars to ordinary girls from next door. Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Charlize Theron and many other Hollywood resident ever in my life resorted to its unique exquisitely sexy style - the result of hard work by a large number of talented people. What tricks did not go only a legend 50-ies: and enclose a small pillow under the chest, so that she looked appetizing, and brightens your brown hair and lips to create the ideal used as much as 5 shades of red lipstick. However, the result on the face, Marilyn Monroe - a legend during his lifetime and after his death goddess style.

In order to do make-up lips in the style of Marilyn Monroe:

- Apply a lip balm and let it soak in perfectly. Blot lips with a napkin.

- Apply a lip concealer using a sponge and powder the them. Remains of powder required to swipe the brush, so that later on the lips do not form lumps.

- Circle the contour lip pencil on a lighter shade of lipstick. At the same time Adjust the shape of the lips. In order to appear more chubbier enough to retreat from the natural contour of about 2 millimeters.

- Gently shade lip pencil, directing the band pencil vertically to the center of your lips.

- Brush, apply a matte lipstick red tone vertical movements towards the center of the lips.

- Blot lips with a napkin, and again powder the. Apply lipstick second time, re-dab a napkin. And yet, the third and last time, walk around the lips with lipstick brush.

  - Apply a light shine in the center of the lower lip and gently blend with a brush.


 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part I
 Lipstick KissKiss by Guerlain   (№520, №522). Satin texture and moisturizing additives maintain your lips in perfect condition.

 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part I
 Glam Shine Holographic by Loreal   (№05, № 11). The liquid lipstick formula incorporated the smallest particles of molecular crystals, metal-coated, to help shine shines amazing golden glow.

 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part I
 Lip liner from YSL   (№ 1). Through its member vegetable oils it effectively soothes and moisturizes lips, creating a feeling of comfort.

 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part I
 Moisturizing lipstick Rouge Dior Satin by CHRISTIAN DIOR   (№ 842). Complex Lip Perfecter provides the perfect roundness of the lips, incredible comfort and high color fastness. Tiny pearl particle capture and scatter light, creating an effect smooth, shiny lips.

 Lip make-up in the style of Hollywood stars. Part I
 Shining fitopomada Lip SISLEY   (№ 8, № 9). Light, melting texture when applying lipstick created for the most delicate and sensitive lips. The caring formula will give lips comfort and protection.

Pro Tips . To increase the visual size of the circle lip lips white or very light outline with a pencil and draw on the circuit translucent lipstick or gloss.

How to choose the right tone of red lipstick

- If your skin is light with a pink blush, choose a cool red with pink or blue tint. Avoid warm orange and red hues.

- If your skin has a slightly yellowish tint, then you fit the warm red color with a peach or orange tint. Avoid cold red tones with a blue tint.

- If you have olive skin, choose a pure red, or red to brownish-based. Avoid reds too pronounced orange or pink hue.

- If your skin is dark, but with a pink blush, then you will approach the rich red tones with a touch of blue or pink. Avoid red and orange or peach shade.

- If your skin is dark with yellow midtone, choose rich, warm red color with an orange tint. Avoid cold red flowers with a blue tint.

Tip professionals.   Universal option - a red, based on a brown tone. Since brown - neutral red lipstick brownish suited to any skin color.
Author: Inna Sedykh