The body in chocolate
 Eating even a small piece of chocolate, it is impossible to stop. Scientists say that it is because it contains substances with a clever and long names.

Product cocoa cream and operates at all, especially for women and children. He is able to give strength and improve your mood, which is why we reach for a chocolate on the shelf without even realizing yet, why do we need it. It is noted that not all gourmet love chocolate, but not all chocolate lovers - gourmet. The love of chocolate - is a special mania, spicy, sensual, almost criminal inclination, for which, however, not be put in jail, and that it is impossible to poison ...

Aware of the wonderful properties of the chocolate, she adds, and his image is something of "Chocolate": characteristic shades of hair, reinforced "toasting" in the solarium to obtain the desired shade, and, of course, the smell. Smell as sweet temptation, we can now not only by the perfume: a chocolate masked balms, gels, body lotions, hair masks, and even cosmetics.

The first cream, which contains extracts of cocoa beans, appeared on the market just three years ago, and since its inception in the cosmetic industry started this shokoladomaniya. Many famous cosmetics line began to produce tools for the skin, hair and nails. All sorts of creams, mousses and masks to extract the cocoa tones and protects the skin and stimulates cell metabolism and promote detoxification of the skin. Funds with cocoa butter tighten the skin, make it smooth and shiny. Chocolate shampoos give hair a healthy shine and strengthens their structure.

Stop is indeed difficult: trying one piece, we want the whole chocolate bar as a whole, and do not notice how to record the salon on chocolate wraps .

What it is:   it's almost children dream in which you, little girl, allow plenty of chocolate can fight, but in reality, and with a much greater advantage, and absolutely no calories. The body will get a boost of energy, utility and heavenly bliss, but bypassing the stomach (and it is for many of us it is very important).

Cocoa beans are considered as one of the leading in the number of plants they contain antioxidants, which are known to be responsible for our youth. Furthermore, they are rich in vitamins of group P, A, magnesium, calcium and iron. In fact it is a storehouse of nutrients, which, incidentally, contained in it in a natural, easily digestible form. Plus, chocolate has the ability to moisturize and tone the skin, return the lost composure and peace. The scent of his fatigue and invigorates, and as a result - strengthens the immune system.

How is:   Unfortunately, this does not incumbency in the bathtub filled with liquid chocolate into which you can dip pechenyushki. AMIS for wraps edible, but apart from chocolate, it contains cosmetic additives, therefore it tastes a little different from the chocolate, so it is not advised to try.

Before wrapping have to make peeling: without the beneficial properties of hot and fragrant masks are not proberutsya through the "eggshell" dead skin cells covering our bodies. It just sounds ominously: professional hands cosmetologists perform the procedure so cleverly and skillfully, it is even pleasant. After peeling the body will cause a cosmetic composition, and then swaddle thermofilm and leave bask under a blanket. Warmly will not: temperature 40 degrees - a bit hotter our own body, in the bathroom and the hot water.

After a relaxing lying down in chocolate - shower and applying body lotion as a result of consolidation.

Effect:   procedure helps to remove the "orange peel", displays the body of excess fluid (called lymph drainage effect), increases microcirculation and nourishes the skin, and due to the effect of the caffeine content provides an easy lifting. Contained in chocolate cocoa butter releases antioxidants to fight that tone and tighten the skin. Due to this long period of time after the treatment, the skin pushes away the negative factors, less weather-beaten and faster to cope with micro cracks.

As long as the skin "regales" aroma will take care of our mental balance: those who have already been on the procedure say it is like eating a box of chocolates, and it does not get any calories.

This is contraindicated:   "Outer" application of the chocolate will not be useful for those who are contraindicated and internal (i.e. allergies), as well as cancer patients, cores, people with cardiovascular disease.

How much is:   depending on the cabin, type of procedure (there are several), and the size of the "disaster" price varies from 400 rubles to 3,000 turns, you can order the procedure is not the whole body, and only treat stomach or thigh. In some schools the price also depends on the season: someone anticipating quite natural excitement around slimming and smoothing the spring, prices have risen, someone, on the contrary, there is a discount.

There is no clear definition of cosmetologists this kind of wraps: it applies to the category of SPA-procedures, as well as to health-improving, it depends on the species. Check with your specialist, you will be able to choose the type of treatment and sedation for themselves - a kind of easy to relax and uplift your mood, or else glubokodeystvuyuschuyu anti-cellulite treatments to reduce body fat, get rid of the fluid in the intercellular space and stimulate metabolism.

However, any and all cosmetologists are no doubts about the usefulness of the procedure. Especially now, in the spring, when many a decrease in tone. Chocolate still recovered.
Author: Lucy Soprano