Art professional '' make-up '' - a
 Simple and effective tips known stylists and makeup artists, to look dazzling!

Make-up - it is an opportunity to highlight the beautiful features and hide flaws and defects. Profecsionalny makeup - a masterpiece, created by inspired professionals who are able to transform any in Cinderella Ball Queen!

For very young girls advice on the care of their appearance and the basics of make-up are essential. Here, there are problems with the skin, lack of knowledge of their appearance features and facilities. We must learn to highlight their strengths and mask the temporary problems of the skin, but not by clumsily applied layer of cosmetics, and using fine correction techniques.

After 25 years, it is often to visit a makeup artist to become even better and more determined to use what nature gave you. This is the age - the heyday of female beauty. You can choose the options for daily and evening makeup, find out the most advantageous for you the colors, choose cosmetic products according to skin type.

After forty years, increasing the need for professionals to visit as time takes its toll. Facial skin changes its structure with age, becoming drier and thinner. Therefore, the need to revise the arsenal used in cosmetics. Make-up women in this age group require special care, it will not tolerate negligence in the design of any element. With great care should be selected colors. We must learn with the help of elaborate makeup to correct facial lines. It is possible that the make-up artist will make a visit to unnecessary plastic surgery.

Make-up secrets from the professionals in America, Europe and Asia

- The secret of 'naturalness' of the make-up professionals from France. Apply a complete makeover, including mascara and lipstick. Prepare a hot bath and take it for 15-20 minutes, while not allowing any water on the face. During this time, a pair of hot outside and a rush of blood inside will do the job - your make-up will be a natural and transparent.

- The secret to clean the skin. Before taking a bath, drink a glass of purified water. This will increase perspiration, and clean the skin pores.

- Secret fix makeup of Hollywood stylists. Apply liquid foundation cream on the face and neck with a sponge soaked in a little natural mineral water. After applying makeup sponge dip into the icy water, wring out excess water. Lightly pat the face with a sponge, quickly cool and moisten it, not excluding the eye with mascara applied. Makeup secure the post for a long time.

- The secret of fixing make-up make-up artists from the Italian. When fully applied make-up, take a piece of smooth ice and wipe them all the makeup on. From this makeup done 'lacquered' and will last long.

- The secret of the Indian stars. Take a very soft cosmetic pencil (black, brown, dark gray) and draw a thin line above the top lashes as usual. A little smudge it. Carefully perform the same line under the upper eyelids inside the eye. Then draw the same line from top to bottom within the eye lashes. Several times densely close and open your eyes to the internal lines merged. Looking mystery and becomes irresistible.

- "Fascinating look" make-up artists from the US. Small fine brush, apply a thick cream blush small dots in the place where the eyelids are joined by a nose. Points should not be too noticeable, otherwise everything will be ruined. Whites of the eyes become dazzling white, and the color of the iris is emphasized.

- To create the effect of 'false eyelashes' apply mascara on top lashes only first and let it dry, and then the bottom. Apply mascara to the edge of the eyelashes. When the ink completely dry, clean brush comb matted cilia.

- To keep the skin around the eyes and eyelashes thick young European cosmetologists recommend to wash off eye makeup pure cream.

- A spectacular sight can be achieved by making the arrow along the edge of the upper eyelid, which should be slightly expanded from the middle and slightly extend beyond the outer corner of the eye.

- To wean yourself squinting and frowning, by the way, this early wrinkles, American actress paste in the trouble spots of adhesive plaster pieces. For the eyelids and bags under the eyes cut out of suede, which carefully fastened to his forehead and cheeks.

- To face after working hours did not seem faded, remove fatigue, cleanse the skin moisturizing milk or mineral water.

- Matte leather good day, but at night you need to shine. Soft gloss glossy skin distract attention from the imperfections of the lines. Apply with a damp sponge tone with glow effect.

- Rested, tanned face should be very delicately tint - tan does not make a thick layer of cream powder and tones darker than the natural color of the skin. Especially profitable will look bronze and copper shades. Dark warm colors in the autumn and winter light can acquire an earthy shade, especially when the tan is not very fresh.

- To 'revive' tanned face, fit pinkish powder. For light skin - with a hint of peach to dark - apricot.

- Pearl shade emphasize wrinkles around the eyes.

- If the whites of the eyes yellow, the eyes need to refresh. To do this, in the shade of skin color (a foundation that is imposed on the entire eyelid) you want to add a bit of blue shades. You can add blueness on the outer corner of the century.

- Dark pencil on the lower eyelid visually reduces light eyes, but owners of dark eyes, he will give a more expressive. For light eye pencil is better to choose brown, gray or green.

-To Make a special appeal lips, very gently put a finger tinting dark powder or cream immediately under the lower lip in the middle, not creating, conspicuous, border.

- To lips 'shine', before applying lipstick lubricate any animal or vegetable fat of good quality.

- To give the lips a special attraction, very carefully put a finger light golden hue in the center of the lower lip.

- Hollywood 'angle beauty' relaxation, and rapid recovery of vitality in a set. Lie on the floor, placing a small pillow under your lower back. Legs, knees bent at right angles, put on the seat of the chair. A few minutes will improve complexion and vitality return.

- Use two shades of foundation. For the forehead, nose and skin around the eyes, use light tone, and for the cheeks, nostrils, chin - a little darker. The person will seem not made up. In order to achieve a more natural result, apply a tone closer to the middle of the cheeks, and blush - on the chin.

- A little bit of blush just under the eyebrow in the inner side of the eye makeup will give freshness.

- Blue circles under the eyes helps to hide a thin layer of lipstick bright carrot color without nacre, which is covered on top with white masking pencil and tone.

- Instead of blush can use dark powder. In daylight makeup blush are not only load color, shape them should not be obvious, only a slight patina. In the evening blush - a great way to adjust the face, so use neutral colors, with particular attention to 'sculptural' their application.

- 'Nail evening' - color saturation. We should not get carried away with one voice for the eyes and lips. It is better to use different shades of the same color. This will adjust some features, enhance facial structuring.

- You need to paint the lashes from the root in different directions: bottom, top, near the ear, and then - to the nose.

- No need to paint eyelashes in several stages, waiting for them to dry, multiple staining allocate unnatural shaggy eyelashes.

- Pay particular attention to the extreme lashes, let them be sure to lay down ink. Domestic eyelashes make eyes more expressive, exterior - lengthen them.

- To create a bright face, women with dark skin tones should be used in the evening, powder and lipstick with a soft golden hue. Shadows in golden beige tones underline the eyelids, blush the same shades - delicate oval face and lipstick shades of copper - a dazzling smile.

- Create languishing eyes. To do this, they emphasize, mixing black and brown colors. Apply eyeliner or shadow black line on the upper and lower lashes. Then draw accurately brown on black, blend lightly with a damp brush.
Author: Inna Sedykh