Autumn make-up - the transparency of the air and gold foliage
 I want the summer ends,
To make it for me was racing,
Behind me followed!
I.Reznik, A.Pugacheva

Do not let go of the outgoing summer - so I see the main task of the fall makeup .  And let gloomy days ahead of the rainy and slush - if you try, the summer will continue to gentle sunlight paints on our face .  But that does not mean you have to paint yourself into a rainbow of colors, like an exotic bird or a bright flower .  The naturalness continues to be in fashion this season, natural pastel "green" color, flicker and glare wet .   Such a range of shades, universal and suitable for most women .  Generally, natural make-up does not mean pale appearance, no colors and morbid paleness .  Just create an image will be used natural colors and shades, carefully feathered by line, the impression of transparency, lightness and purity .  Brown, smoky gray, warm green, beige, pink, lilac - this popular fall colors .  Also fashionable this season golden shades of shadows, lipsticks, nail polish, and these shades blend perfectly with the golden autumn colors of nature .


In the summer, we carefully used tonal foundation in the autumn, it will be just .  With it you can not just give a person the brightness, but also protect the delicate skin from the cold and chapping .  So, without a good foundation in the fall do not .  But not enough to just choose the right tool, you need to apply it correctly .  After toning the skin it should seem perfectly smooth and completely clean .  Thanks to low-fat texture modern tinting cosmetics to achieve this result is not too difficult .  Manufacturers formulated into lotions reflective particles (photochromic pigments, proteins, silk, nylon "pearls" or microprisms) that scatter light rays .  The optical effect of such tonal funds - smoothing the irregularities of the skin, soft glow, even though on the face of the presence of the cream is not noticeable .  To improve the effect after moisturizer is recommended to apply a tonal base (eg: CHANEL Base Lumiere Illuminating Makeup Base) to apply the base is optional, but it facilitates the imposition of tone quality and increases its resistance . 

Council.   If the acquired foundation seems you tjazhelovatym and poorly shaded, do not rush to give it up. Try before applying mix it with a little light moisturizer - I think it will help.


The main task of powder - give the skin well-groomed, well, if you use creams, the powder it perfectly complements the fixing on the skin and preventing blurred, and those providing resistance makeup.  Autumn make-up - the transparency of the air and gold foliage
   Unmistakable color option is clear (colorless) powder, it can be used in all cases. If you use tinted powder, its color should be as close to the color of the substrate.

Council.   It is not necessary to apply compact powder on a fat base (foundation), in this case, the pigment can appear too much, and, behold, the loose powder for this method of application is well suited.


Star product collection, emphasizes the benefit of the eyes. If you are chocolate colors, use them in the shadows for the eyes. It is also relevant in the new season will be the shadow of smoky colors: gray, warm green, khaki, beige. Continues to be popular smokey eyes («smoky eyes»). To make the eyes haze, on the eyelids cause shadows several shades: lighter - at the inner corner of the eye, darker - from the outside, then carefully shade to shade. Glance receives a mysterious and profound. By combining the different shades and varying their intensity, you can create as a natural day make-up and intense evening.

 Autumn make-up - the transparency of the air and gold foliage
   Many cosmetic brands is to offer a mosaic of the fall set 4-5 smoky shades of colors. For example: - Eye Shadow Palette nr. 50 Matte Chocolates, on pallets 5 matte eye shadows in autumn tones of beige and chocolate tones, the collection Dandy Lady Dior's collection of shades of 4 shades of sand and khaki autumn collection Jazzy Colours by Clarins includes four-color palettes eyeshadow Palette Quatuor, new shadows Signature Eyeshadow in kollktsii Chocolate Decadence by Estee Lauder are two palettes of four chocolate truffle shades: cool Berry Truffle and warm Caramel Truffle. So, there's plenty to choose from!


As for blush, but this fall season stylists advise to use them minimally and only to emphasize the natural freshness of the face. Matte blush this fall, perhaps, will be irrelevant. Now in vogue transparent and shimmering blush: pink, peach, and bronze shades. If you are a big fan of blush and do not like "aristocratic pallor", pay attention to the art collection to Sonic Chic from the company MAC - they offer a whole collection. Their warm, shimmering shades of pink, gold and bronze will remind you of warm summer sunsets.


For registration of the lips can be recommended to the novelty of the season - «nude lips», «bare lips." Such lips only look natural, fresh and not made up. But it is not - in fact, carefully traced the contour of the lips with a pencil natural color, and lip moisturizing lipstick or caused to shine pastel tones. There is another option, if you prefer a more colorful solution - you can use the lipstick color, approximate to the natural color of your lips, only brighter and more intense. Will look great on your lips shine with nacre, liquid lipstick. It is important to apply an even layer of color, do not smear, compressing his lips, leaving shiny gloss and lacquer.

 Autumn make-up - the transparency of the air and gold foliage
 If you like soft feminine makeup, then surely, like a translucent liquid gloss at the lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss no.26 Mocca Pink by Isa Dora (autumn collection Bare Beauty). Especially because there includes jojoba oil moisturizing and softening shea butter, which provide care for delicate lips.

Despite the fact that in fashion "naturalness", the overall trend does not exclude individual creative flight - create your image, be different, but always attractive and charming.
Author: Olga Travleeva