How to find out whether you will go short haircut
 If you have never had short hair, and you are afraid to go to a similar experiment, follow these tips.

Tip # 1: Consider the shape of your face
Short haircuts may suit any face shape, except for the round. Women with round face hairstyles are more suitable below shoulder level. Bob on a round face shape looks like a helmet. In this case it is necessary to visually lengthen the face, and therefore leave the length of hair.

Tip # 2: Do you have beautiful shoulders, chin and neck?
Short hair is sure to accentuate them. If you have a short neck, double chin and broad shoulders, her hair cut above the clavicle is not necessary.

Tip # 3: Do you have curly hair? Think twice
Curly hair tends to pushitsya if they have the shortest length. Some stylists say that curly hair should be cut no shorter than five centimeters below the chin, but I met a luxury options short haircuts to curly hair. The secret is layering. Cut curly hair - is an art, so choose carefully stylist to after visiting the salon does not look like a poodle.

Tip # 4: Fine hair looks better with short haircuts
Very thin hair look flat if they have a greater length. If you have fine or thin hair, short hair to add volume to them, just be careful with layers. Try to keep all the hair is the same length as possible. A large number cropped hair can affect the volume.

Tip # 5: Catch
I found this advice in "recognition of the beauty editor" magazine Allure, Dindo Wells (Linda Wells). Take your picture to the background was light or dark, depending on the color of your hair (if you are blonde, choose a dark background, if the brunette - light). Take a pair of scissors and trim the hair on the photos to see if you go short hair or not. We recommend to start with longer hair, so as not to waste the photo.