Makeup Trends Autumn-Winter 2008 by Pat McGrath
 The new fashion-season with a new make-up! A well-known make-up tips will help you achieve stunning success!

The new season - the time the bright experimentation and happy changes. Fashion make-up artist Pat McGrath reveals to you the secrets of beauty and style Autumn-Winter 2008. Feel free to experiment and to manifest itself! As she says Pat McGrath: "Beauty does not have to be boring! "And she knows what he says. Without the participation of Pat can not do fashion shows the most famous designers.


Pat McGrath says that there is nothing sexier than a beautiful pencil penciled eyes. In the new season is still relevant arrow. Down with the framework and stereotypes! This fall is no longer relevant to choose the color of eye pencil. Learn to shoot eyes and did experiment with color. In addition to the usual black mascara and black eyeliner classic, sure to pay attention to its trendy dark blue, plum, purple, dark purple, the color of dark chocolate and a variety of other colors. Add color depth! By the way, blue eyeliner - You are the spring-summer season, too, does not submit their positions in the new season. Effect Smoky eyes still kept on top.

Do not forget about the shadow!   Pat McGrath recommends choosing the shade of metallic shades. She loves them because they "give your eyes shine, and it does not look too provocative." Feel free to use them for an evening make-up!

The new fashion season is especially relevant golden shade. Pat McGrath advises them to use on the inner corners of the eyes, to achieve the effect of shining and open look. By the way, this will look great and pearl shade.

Do not forget about the semi-shade pearl eyeliner! Try to put them on top of a black eyeliner to give sight sensuality and sexuality. Be sure to use a pencil fashion this season golden hue to give a gentle glow. This will add softness and appeal of your image.

To look at the amazing party, Pat McGrath recommends a wet brush to apply flickering shadows over the ordinary. Tint get extraordinarily deep and very beautiful.

You want to give a look of mystery? To focus on the outer part of the eye, having made up the lashes are a little more intense. Take a mental note that eyelashes do not lose their relevance.

In the coming season, the huge popularity of colored mascara. I can not decide yet? Good. Use your favorite black, but to try to put the tips of lashes color ink, or with the help of a little Mark lashes at the outer corner of the eye.


To fix the shape of the eyebrows, a special transparent gel or mascara. For the effect of "wet eye", Pat McGrath does not neglect ... and transparent lip gloss, which she gets under the eyebrows.


Do not forget about the delicate blush! Your skin should radiate a healthy glow, look as natural and fresh as if you had just returned from a walk in the fresh air. Pat McGrath recommends using crisp blush cheeks that give creaminess.


In the coming season trends sets the natural beauty. It is worth to emphasize that given thee from above - and you'll be the most-most.

Latest subtle colors and shades, such as pink. To exit safely "arm themselves" red lipstick. Bear in mind, there is one rule: your lipstick have to be brushed. Choose skin tones - will not lose. Pat McGrath advises: "I like the lips appear as though slightly stained with lipstick." If you want to achieve the same effect, then apply a coat of dark lipstick and blot it gently with a napkin.

Lip pencil should only be a neutral color. He will emphasize the sensuality of the lips and not allow to spread lipstick.

To lipstick is best to keep before it put a little powder lips. And, of course, your lips must be well groomed. Use your lip balm nourishing and once a week to do the peeling, for example, a soft toothbrush.

Alas, in the coming fashion season lipgloss losing ground. You are not satisfied with this state of affairs? Try to put a little favorite Pat McGrath shine fuchsia, but only in the middle of the lips.

And remember that shine in your eyes and radiant smile is best to emphasize your natural beauty!
Author: Hope Cherepenina