Shop at your home: hair coloring
 Since the invention of chemical dyes hair a woman has acquired a truly magical tool for magical experiments with his appearance: it is now - a gentle blonde, tomorrow - languid brunette, and a month later - a passionate red-haired beauty.

If a woman wants something to change in your life, renewed physically and spiritually, to become the "other" that is she doing? That's right - the hair color. There is nothing easier today than to change hair color. There is a rich variety of coloring tools for home use. However, that was not the sad result (not the color or dry-burned hair) it is necessary to follow certain rules.

  Give preference to products of well-known manufacturers (Londa, Shwarzkopf, L'Oreal, and so on). Poor quality paint can easily burn the scalp and even lead to the loss of hair.

  It is not recommended to paint the hair for people suffering from asthma, kidney diseases and allergies. Allergy sufferers should be tested for susceptibility to the components of the paint to staining procedure. To do this, apply a small amount of a colorant to dry skin behind the ear or in the crook of the elbow. If one day there was a burning, itching, or redness of the skin, then you are allergic to components of the ink from staining and should be abandoned.

  Clothing should be well protected. The skin along the hairline should be lubricated with fat cream - it will protect her from possible irritation from contact with the dye and dyeing. If in the process of hair coloring ink gets on your face, neck or hands, then wash immediately with soap and water, otherwise the skin can be painted for a long time.

  If you are not sure about the color, and I doubt whether he will go to you, you can safely use shading means. With tinting foams, shampoos and mousses You can experiment with her image countless times, as they not only do not harm the hair, but podlechivat them and disappear after you wash the head 6-8 times. But if you want to become a brunette and brown-haired woman, then achieve the desired result with the help of tinting means you can not.

  Colouring agents must be applied to washed and slightly damp hair.

  If you want a long time and radically change the hair color, then you should choose colors at the front with a low ammonia content.

  If you want to get a lighter shade of hair, then you need to use lightening agent that partially or completely remove the pigment. However, the frequent misuse or coloring agents may disrupt the structure of the hair, so never keep their color longer than instructed.

  If cardinal lighting you're not ready, you can lighten your hair is not all, as individual strands (highlights). Usually highlighting is done through a cap or foil. However, this procedure is better to entrust the professional, because it is labor intensive. After skillful manipulation of your hair sparkle with patches of sunlight, because the bleached strands give it such an effect.

  Strictly follow instructions and mixed into various paint ingredients (hydrogen peroxide, shampoo, different oils), since the result can be disastrous.

  Apply resistant paint needed to dry, unwashed hair. In this case, they are less traumatized, as protected by sebum and are less susceptible to the toxic components of hair dyes.

  If you have grown roots, and they need to be painted or discolored, apply paint or lightening composition only on the newly regrown areas. Any overlap will result in uneven color and porosity, which will worsen the condition of the hair.

  If you want to paint the gray hair, use a paint that is 6-8 weeks. It is better to choose a color that best suits your natural hair color. Stylists offer to dye the gray hair to a tone lighter than they were before.

  Keep the paint on the hair as much time as specified in the instructions. It counts down the time to be the time when the paint is applied to all of the hair. However, if your hair is very tough, thick or with a large percentage of gray, it is allowed to increase the exposure time of 5 -10 minutes.

  To remove paint, hair should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water, then - special neutralizing balm (it usually is complete with hair dye), to remove any residual dye that can continue to oxidize on the hair.

  Colenaya water, active sun - the factors that threaten to fade colored hair. To color still remained bright, you need to use products that contain UV filters that protect colored hair from the effects of the sun and protective equipment, including specially designed balms, conditioners and shampoos for colored hair conditioners.

  Do not forget that colored hair need extra care, so often indulge their nutritional and medicinal balms masks.
Author: Inna Sedykh