Competition "New Life with New Year" from Herbalife
 The clock is ticking inexorably, bringing the new 2013 year. So, it's time to think about how to change your life for the better, and perhaps even to outline a concrete action plan for the year ahead, not to forget about these events after a promise!

What do you think about a chiming clock? Perhaps it's time to learn how to drive a car or learn a new language? Or maybe you want to lose weight, to enroll in a fitness club, quit or go through an unusual cosmetic procedure? We women always treat their appearance is critical, we want to improve something, to change, to improve. It's time to plan for specific actions, then to not be excruciatingly painful for taking your time!

Write a short essay on "What I'm planning to change in your life in the New Year? ". Participants will be 5 most interesting and unusual plans for the new 2013, will receive a gift means a new line of body care and hair care brand Herbal Aloe from Herbalife!

 Competition "New Life with New Year" from Herbalife

Each gift set will include: strengthening shampoo, fortifier, hand cream and body shower gel and soothing body gel Herbalife Herbal Aloe from .

As part of the assets of the new line of body care and hair Herbalife Herbal Aloe from   - All use of natural Aloe juice, unique rejuvenating properties of which have been known for several thousand years. As well as natural oils and a set of valuable natural ingredients to make you feel the difference after the first application!

Dates of competition:   December 14, 2012 - January 14, 2013

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Author: Anna Shustrova