5 ways to give up the sweet
 I want something sweet? And, not once a week, and with enviable regularity. I've also always want to, so I started using 5 simple and effective ways to give up dessert. Most-!

I have to say - and no magic "uglevodonenavistnicheskih" tablets. All methods are associated with emotions. After sweet always want to compensate for the lack of a good mood. So, you just need to provide it yourself or scared ... (as in Method 5).

To the sweet stall not crept quietly to you, it is necessary to prepare. In other words, to be fully prepared when it's the same gloomy day in which you want to sweep away in one fell swoop with the mouth 28 of candy from the box.

Method 1: The most cheerful and fun-loving friend
Take the time to look through the mobile phone address book and write the names of her most fun and cheerful girlfriends or female friends. It must be people dealing with that, you are always fueled by cheerfulness and optimism. Without buns, chocolate and gingerbread. No gingerbread, fudge and cakes. Without souffle, caramels, and croissants. Recorded?

 5 ways to give up the sweet
   Here are these people you call and pull out for a walk when you become very ill and want to run to a nearby pastry shop. Girlfriend cheer you give a good mood and you will realize that all your problems can be solved faster than desolate box with 28 chocolates. And if not - you can do it yourself with them, without this huge amount of chocolate.

Method 2: The most positive video
Hollywood movie studios, it would seem, only then work to lift our spirits. Dreamworks or Brothers Warner, as well as their competitors produced each year by thousands of films. The first problem is that we did not know (read about videonovinkah bother to related sites). The second problem is that we include regular updates to mindlessly "swallow" it into some lazy evening. I suggest you do the following: a quick read announcements of new films in the past year, a list of the movies that you want to look eerily. Well, and then download them to lose daddy "inspiring." When it's longing, sadness, you will be able to "kill" her positive video. In the same folder, and you can throw a movie that you watched before, and inspire.

 5 ways to give up the sweet
 Method 3: The most ambitious plans
Nothing is more inspiring person, as the construction plans. Winter-cold? Forget that the yard with snow and howling wind - open travel guide and read the article about the cities and countries where you have not been. Holidays abroad - what could be better ?! See photos, read the description. Dream and choose where you would like to go. Expensive? Learn from those who organize the trip without the help of travel agencies - good people describe in detail the rest abroad, planned independently. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of holiday, and "jam" will be nothing - the sadness will pass by itself.

Method 4 The fastest business
Longing and desire for chocolate often leans in times of anxiety about how much to do. Stress and whispers in his ear: Go on, you, the kitchen for the sweet "nest egg." After all, in order to overcome the burden of care, necessary force. The forces that give us carbohydrates. I suggest you abandon the usual script and get a charge of vivacity in another way - think about and make a list of the things with which you can deal pretty quickly. Mountain of dirty dishes? Soak it in boiling water - it can be wash in just 15 minutes! Everywhere things lying around? Put in mediaproigryvates only 4 songs - while they play, spread things out. More time and you do not need! Having dealt with part of affairs, your mood will improve markedly. And perhaps grist and remains in the "cache" in the kitchen.

 5 ways to give up the sweet
 5. The quickest method of stress
This method is not invented by me, and Hollywood "overseers" of the stars. Nutritionists advise celebrities is a great way to beat the sweet addiction. It's enough just to undress .... It is best to do it in front of a large mirror. Seeing the flaws of the figure - "belly", the folds on the thighs and stomach - you immediately rashochetsya push in three "Twix" or more "Cadbury". Most likely, you are limited to a cup of tea that you drink with a sense of victory over his own weaknesses. But the taste of victory - very special. I'm sure this will be the most delicious tea you've ever tasted!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya