As products are changing our mood?
 Today you are too quarrelsome and annoying you much? This can be from the food you eat.

Any product contains chemicals, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are precursors of neurotransmitters. Depending on the foods that you eat, the body produces a variety of levels of neurotransmitters, which can significantly affect your mood, raise or lower it. It is necessary to find out which products have a positive impact on our mood, and what - is negative.

Products that can negatively affect mood:

- Soy products

All products that contain natural substances called goitrogens, adversely affect the thyroid. Iron. This can lead to fatigue and irritability. Soy foods contain goitrogens, they can create problems in the functioning of the thyroid gland, and thus can significantly affect the mood. If it bothers you, you try to give up soy and watch the reaction to this failure. If you feel better, and the mood becomes good, you have to consider alternatives to soy products in your diet. As a substitute vegetable protein, you can try: almond milk, nuts, beans, wheat germ. By the way, fans of soy sauce or miso paste can not worry because it is - fermented soy products, the fermentation process in which disables some negative properties of soy products.

- Diet Coke
Many people think that diet cola - it is much better than any other fizzy sweet drink. This is not true. Diet soft drinks are composed enough chemicals, including artificial sweeteners. Such a set of elements may cause not only disease, but also elementary poor health, including headaches and mood swings. The alternative - to drink water with fresh lemon juice.

 As products are changing our mood?
   - Sugar
Do not be confusing the first reaction to the sugar - euphoria, joy. Observe sugar takes energy, and does not. This is due to the fact that increasing the level of sugar in the blood. As this, the body is forced to produce insulin to return your blood sugar to normal. Against this backdrop, you can feel the energy of the fall, and this is directly related to negative changes. Try drinking tea without sugar or with a minimal amount of sugar and can replace sugar in the natural sweetener such as xylitol.

- Coffee
A cup of coffee seems to help in the morning to wake up, and many hope that caffeinated drinks will enhance the mood and will be a good start to the day. However, caffeine acts on the production of adrenaline, which may cause not only energy, but also an alarm condition. With anxious feelings may come as a consequence of irritability and mood swings. So, right, those dietitians who advise not to abuse coffee. Little cups cream is enough. Why do you need the extra trouble? And the best place to start the day with a smoothie cocktail.

And now go to products that have a positive effect on the mood:

 As products are changing our mood?
 - Complex carbohydrates
The consumption of unrefined carbohydrate can increase the level of serotonin in the brain, and hence improve mood. The trick is finding the right carbs, those that minimally processed and do not cause spikes in blood sugar levels. What can you advise: brown rice, oatmeal (not instant noodles), millet.

- Foods rich in selenium
Selenium deficiency leads to irritability, depression, and problems with the thyroid gland. Consuming foods with selenium in the composition can support thyroid function and improve mood. However, do not overdo it! Our body enough natural sources of selenium, of the products (for example, Brazil nuts or mushrooms). Additional doses of vitamin complexes may be prescribed by a doctor!

- Foods high in folic acid
Folic acid deficiency and depression reflected because reduced levels of serotonin in the brain. Enrich your diet foods with folic acid, and your mood will be much more stable. Here on what products should pay attention: greens, spinach, legumes (beans and lentils).

 As products are changing our mood?
 - Products that contain omega-3 fats
More Research 2006 (University of Pittsburgh) proved that people whose blood observed low levels of omega-3 fatty acids, are most susceptible to mild depression and bad mood. Eat walnuts, sunflower seeds, is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

- Foods high in vitamin D
Vitamin D is produced by the body mainly by the action of sunlight. In the Nordic countries, as well as in winter many suffer from deficiency of this vitamin, which leads to lethargy and problems with mood. Therefore, in the winter, especially in the northern regions it is recommended to consume vitamin supplements based on vitamin D, or products that have "solar" vitamin, such as shiitake mushrooms.

- Fatty food
The pursuit of harmony has led to the fact that we are willing to completely discard any fat. But not all fats are bad. For example, the absence of fatty foods leads to the brain ceases to function properly, will receive less macronutrients. And to enhance the mood, it does not necessarily have a fatty meal. It suffices to include in the diet of avocado oil, coconut oil (maximum teaspoon) nuts.

 As products are changing our mood?
 - Spicy food
Do you want to cheer up? Spices, arriving with food, forced to excrete endorphins, which helps a good mood. Buy sometimes chili pepper, add it to salads or side dishes, the mood is always cheerful.

- Foods high in magnesium
Many people are deficient in this important nutrient, or magnesium imbalance. But this mineral has relaxing properties for muscles, helps to reduce stress and improve your mood. Search for magnesium in pharmacies is not necessary to include in the menu artichokes, beet tops, almonds, beans.

- Iron-rich foods
If you do not have enough iron in the blood, there exhaustion, depression and irritability. Consumption of iron-rich foods, keep your red blood cells, fill them with oxygen, and will keep in a good mood. Eat for that pumpkin seeds, beans, sea kale.

Do not allow to turn your stomach into a landfill of waste products that are not only useful, but even deprive you of the joys of life and good humor. As soon as you start eating healthy foods, you will quickly find that you feel better, both physically and spiritually!
Author: Vasilisa Cousin