Cellulite rate power by Nicole Ronsard
 The most terrible dream for a woman can be one in which the fair sex will see on your stomach, buttocks and thighs manifested symptoms or complete presence of cellulite. He does not look at age, social status and popularity of the individual. The whole truth about cellulite is still shrouded in myths, assumptions, research and arguments. But it is terrible features as it is described?

By the surprising conclusion drawn by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh. They announced to the public that the accumulation of fat cells in the listed parts of the body indicate the presence of the ladies of high IQ. The fact is that cellulite is composed of cells that contain very important for the body's fatty acids. It is these acids are responsible for the performance and increase the active work of the brain.

Even more interesting was the conclusion of researchers include cellulite - it is not a disease, and secondary sexual characteristics, marked only in women, therefore, a complete lack of cellulite should not rejoice, and cause for concern. The appearance of cellulite in men is extremely rare and indicative of hormonal disorders.

Actually, according to scientists, we categorically counter-fight the "orange peel", so as not to become lethargic and lazy. But if you do decide this dilemma and came to the conclusion that the experts did not come from the other side to discuss this issue, you will help to overcome the disease anti-cellulite course Nicole Ronsard . It was she who in 1973 gave an accurate interpretation of the category of "cellulite".

 Cellulite rate power by Nicole Ronsard
   Cosmetology Ronsard of the New York beauty known throughout the world thanks to the book "How to beat cellulite. Strategy and tactics of successful anti-cellulite " Which became a bestseller in the field of health and beauty. Nicole developed her technique of power and test it already on the set of American women.

Before you start a diet, you should understand some of the rules of this technique:

- Firstly, excluded from the diet of dairy products;
- Secondly, eliminated sugar and salt, alcoholic beverages, coffee and black tea, all fats and oils, except for vegetable;
- Thirdly, it is necessary daily intake of plenty of fluids (water without gas) - at least 1, 5 liters;
- Fourth, the meals must be followed in strict order according to the daily menu, as described in the procedure.

Nicole Ronsard said that it is important to balance the mineral content in the body. Therefore, in the first place, it is necessary to increase the potassium intake, wherein the potassium must be supplied from the fresh plant food. The best sources of potassium are considered fruits (avocados, bananas and oranges), berries (melon and watermelon), vegetables (potatoes, turnips, carrots, squash, parsnips), legumes (beans, lentils), sprouted grains and not broken. For example, only 1 glass of freshly squeezed juice of carrots contains about 800 mg of potassium.

 Cellulite rate power by Nicole Ronsard
 Nutrition Program is designed for 10 days and includes the following menu:

- In an odd days (first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth) should eat only fruits and vegetables in their raw form, with these products should not contain a lot of sugar (a good option would be apples, oranges, mango and kiwi). For breakfast, eat fruit to the body a boost of energy and hunger for a long time not to worry. Lunch - servings of fresh vegetable salad with a little oil, no salt and sauces. According to sate dish, add a little salad or sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds and sesame seeds. At dinner - a salad, but with the addition of wheat germ, soy or beans, and one piece of fruit;

- During the second day of a diet is recommended only fruits;

- In the fourth, sixth, eighth and tenth days allowed to diversify the menu of cooked vegetables, cereals water from cereals (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal).

The author does not recommend to cut the peel of fruits and vegetables well before eating them, and these products should not be soaked in water is good enough rinse under cold stream.

 Cellulite rate power by Nicole Ronsard
 Efficiency Ronsard technique involves the following fasting days (1 week) and avoiding foods that somehow contribute to the appearance of "orange peel". Nicole advises not to forget about physical activity, especially pay attention to walking, swimming and biking. In her book she considered various physical exercises, salt baths and other water therapy that positively affect the muscle tone, the structure of hair and nails, and rejuvenate the skin.

To combat cellulite, most experts recommend meat replaced with lean fish, sweet fruit - on berries and vegetables instead of ready-made sauces and mayonnaise Served with lemon juice with pepper and finely chopped herbs, go to the yogurt, yogurt and milk, low-fat, bread and pasta replaced with whole grain products instead of coffee to drink green tea.

If you decide to fight cellulite, remember that, first and foremost, it is important to diet and lifestyle, and only then anti-cellulite creams and the work of a plastic surgeon. Be beautiful!
Author: Alesya Marchenko