Food should be a medicine or changing diet and life for the better
 Today, we, unfortunately, often hear the bitter truth that the majority of products from the supermarket are not only useless, but can harm the body. However, from time to time, we succumb to the enticing advertisements and unwittingly take off the shelves and semi-finished artificial sweets in a beautiful package which, no matter how sad it sounds, can be safely attributed to the category of "conditionally edible."

Besides, sometimes the power based on fast food and so-called "alternatives" (sugar and so on. D.), Becomes the norm of modern careerists, boss, business woman, and even their families. However, forgetting the basics of a balanced diet, we run the risk of losing the most precious - visual appeal, health and zest for life, love and respect of others.

Why is this so important?
Analyzing the experience of ancient physicians (who knew the basics of the wisdom of many generations), it is worth recalling, in particular, the words of Avicenna, which are based on modern methods of self-improvement: "The medicine should be eating, and food - medicine." Axiom eastern scientist supported by studies of our contemporary west, UCLA professor Arthur de Weiny.

Weiny main achievement is the development of so-called evolutionary diet, which stands on the aspects in more detail. After all, according to verified data, it is able to deliver us not only on the extra kilos, but also from a number of ailments.

We take as a basis the principles of nutrition ancestors
According to the professor, at the dawn of the evolution of people eat only those foods that the human body is best suited. So, contrary to popular belief, vegetarians on the relative "uselessness" of meat products, there is scientific evidence that the people of the Paleolithic are slim, muscular and strong thanks to the use of meat produced on the hunt animals and fish, eggs, natural fruit, vegetables, and berries nuts.

 Food should be a medicine or changing diet and life for the better
   Based on historical facts, Arthur de Weiny able to prove that this list of products should be included in the diet of any modern man. He strongly recommended that those wishing to lose weight and stay healthy significantly limit the consumption of flour, starch and dairy products, to give up snacking and late dinners, soy ice cream, chocolate and other "non-natural" sweets.

If possible, better to completely abandon the use of products from transgenic soy flour (eg, bread from the "loosening" of the test that can "learn" to the touch). In addition to this, it is necessary to consider that buying in large chain stores potatoes or carrots, can also be "hit" on genetically modified products. So better to grow their own vegetables or buy from those who "produces" them directly to their own beds.

Also, the scientist added to the list of useful food unrefined olive oil (which in the diet of our ancestors could not have been). He emphasized the fact that it must be that crude.

By the way, fine words butter manufacturers that it passes the N degrees of purification and thus acquires beneficial properties, is a myth. Any natural oil (created from seeds or fruits of the olive) can be called a gift of nature. Our ancestors did not clear the best gifts of all the components that were in them, and many of them have been healthier.

What is it - a perfect diet last
Summarizing all the above, it is worth noting that a properly balanced diet should include meat and fish products, vegetables (with and raw and processed) and fruit. Eating is desirable not more than 3 times a day, thoroughly chewing and drinking water.

 Food should be a medicine or changing diet and life for the better
 Thus, the "natural" diet may consist of dishes prepared on the basis of salmon, pork, beef and turkey (seasoned with savory sauce or vinegar with olive oil), pumpkin side dishes, stews and omelets, as well as large portions of salad greens, shrimp and other seafood and vegetable platter. At the same time it provides for the use of unsweetened tea and a small amount of natural wine.

Plus, to be sensitive to their health, preferably in a period of such diets do not forget about physical activity and moderate walks before eating.
Author: Alla Pilipenko