Most New Year's Diet: Lose Weight on the champagne!
 Most New Year's diet - this, of course, on a diet ... champagne. Drink, have fun and lose weight! But do not get carried away.

Much of this diet is unusual, but not in a hurry to be fighters for sobriety. This diet will not make us Barfly, but the mood and adds harmony.

Authors diet say that it consists of two major parts: one - a healthy lifestyle, and the second - a bit of fun. Following a diet plan, women are transformed from dull pessimistok in stroynyashek with a thirst for life. Perhaps this is exactly what is now, before the New Year, you are missing?

I also tried. I confess that I have tried many diets: and fashion, such as the Atkins and Dukan, and well-known (for example, Larisa Dolina). "But little extra padding - it's probably my cross," - I thought, and calmed down. Up until a friend from the UK are not written to me about the idea of ​​the New Year with champagne.

A busy schedule in the office and then another couple of hours at home does not give much hope that you can stick to a certain diet. Because all efforts to maintain the weight still boil down to the fact that I grab food on the run, often in the course of work, and in the evenings, "relax" chocolate and strong tea.

Of course, I was very inspired by the fact that, according to a new diet on the champagne, you can continue to eat the way I used to, and only add to the diet of some champagne.

 Most New Year's Diet: Lose Weight on the champagne!
   Oh, thank you, Dom Perignon, for what you've done grape champagne! - I thought, and even promised to go to the home of this magnificent drink, if I can help it.

Dom Perignon - the famous champagne brand, named after the Benedictine monk, the first man, who turned a mixture of grapes in Champagne in 1670.

 Most New Year's Diet: Lose Weight on the champagne!
 The average glass of champagne - it's only 91 calories, and a glass of champagne Ultra Brut Laurent Perrier, drink model Kate Moss - it does only 65 calories. But these are not all of your calories as by bubbles drink rapidly enters the blood, and can not settle on your hips.

I'll tell you about his result - the weight is not added, a little care, a lot easier than with any diet. In general, I'm satisfied. For two weeks no "failure" (in the sense that I never imagine not refuse delicious sparkling drink), and any excess kilos. But I do not advise to get involved in addictive happens pretty quickly, and occasionally treacherous soul requires a "continuation of the banquet."

So the essence of the diet with champagne . The main thing - there is no forbidden foods. But the emphasis is still on the high quality products, nutritious and delicious. Still would! Every drink the beverage of aristocrats, then the food should be appropriate! The total amount of calories per day - 1200-1400. To you and most will not want to drink champagne greasy hamburger or french fries. You will be sure to replace it in the smoked salmon with green salads.

The idea of ​​a diet is not only in champagne, as you know. Just by using this delicious drink, you go to the more moderate and stylish food. True! Agree. Absolutely do not want sausage, if such a high glass of sparkling content. A great welcome! Moreover, I even think that dress you want for each meal special. And what woman does not like to dress up?

For me, this diet is just one problem - it is to open the bottle. But perhaps if the champagne would be in conventional packages, Tetra Pak, then no magic would not have happened.

By the way, what champagne is a drink most famous models gives several points in its favor.

In general, Champagne surely save you from over-eating, as well as eating is not very useful things. Do not believe? Make sure it's not just words!

And now I answer those who are now angry that I soldered color of the nation, and it is our most beautiful and intelligent girls. Elizabeth Veychselbaum scientist of the British Nutrition Foundation, said that one or two glasses of champagne on the day - it is a valid number, according to the principles put forward by the UK Department of Health. "Women can consume no more than three units of alcohol a day (the equivalent of two small glass of champagne) and not more than 14 units a week" - such are the demands of doctors Albion.

However, it is also worth reiterating that one or two glasses of champagne - is the maximum allowable rate, and do not think that an increase of this amount would lead to a better weight loss. No, no more glasses per day, or close and to sad consequences.

Approximate diet when diet champagne:
Breakfast: Whole-grain bagel spread with olive oil.
Second breakfast: a banana.
Lunch: Flatbread pizza with goat cheese, baked or stewed mushrooms with red pepper.
Dinner: Fish with vegetables.
After dinner, one or two glasses of champagne.

With champagne, you can afford a little bit of chocolate, and champagne is a definite plus, because basically, chocolate is better not to consume with alcohol, it's too high-calorie combination.

Surprisingly, not only for the harmony of champagne is good. For example, there are studies showing that low doses of champagne reduce the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer's disease. And there is scientific evidence that the champagne helps reduce bad cholesterol and is the prevention of angina attacks.

Women watching the latest anti-age developments, know that any grape drink - a rich source of polyphenols (antioxidants). Although the polyphenols in red wine than in white, and the amount contained in champagne - at a fairly high level.

 Most New Year's Diet: Lose Weight on the champagne!
 Another little secret
When I make decisions about how to try a diet, chat on the forum with the girls following this interesting diet. And they are all very intriguing talking about one little secret New Year's diet. A small glass of champagne affects women really magical way. Almost everything written about the fact that began to feel much better. The mood improved, confidence increases.

Lovely girl! I congratulate you on the coming New 2012 Year! I wish you all the best! Try a diet with champagne, if you follow the rules - before New Year's party you lose weight a little bit, pohorosheet and stock up for the holidays in a good mood. But I warn you again: just one glass of champagne per day, while the diet will work!
Author: Julia Shestakova