Two variants of the Chinese diet
 The foundation principles of weight loss, which are incorporated in the Chinese diet, are the views of the ancient Chinese philosophy. At the heart of it - the division of the world into five elements: earth, water, fire, metal and wood. And the human body also consists of these primary elements. Therefore, the main task is to reduce the weight, according to the views of Chinese healers - is to bring all the elements into balance.

Initially, China attached great importance to the diet herbs, each of which performs a specific role. However, over time, with distribution in other countries, information about herbs was lost. But simplified Chinese diet has become more clear. I also want to draw attention to the fact that the Chinese and the Japanese diet, and though they are often confused, are different power supply systems.

So the first version of the Chinese diet
You must first prepare for such a diet. In the morning after waking up, drink two glasses of hot or cold boiled water. So it should be done three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Such action is necessary to wash the intestine, it will further promote nutrient absorption and better digestion.

Sample Menu for the week :

 Two variants of the Chinese diet

First day
For breakfast, should eat 150g white cabbage and drink one glass of mineral water;
Lunch - salad 150g of fresh carrots with olive oil, four tablespoons of boiled rice and a glass of mineral water;
For dinner, prepare yourself 150g boiled fish, you can also eat a small piece of bread and a few leaves of lettuce.

Second day
For breakfast, eat a toast from black bread, 150g of fresh carrots with vegetable oil, drink mineral water;
Lunch - 200g vegetable salad (carrots, cabbage, celery, lettuce), a slice of bread and a glass of apple juice;
At dinner - 100g of boiled rice, half a grapefruit, four leaf salad and a glass of mineral water.

Third day
For breakfast, should eat 200g of fruit salad (apples, oranges, pears, bananas) and to drink a glass of orange juice;
For lunch, prepare yourself 150g cabbage salad with lemon juice, 250g of boiled asparagus, slices of bread and mineral water;
At dinner - small potato, 250 g of fried mushrooms and a glass of mineral water.

Fourth day
For breakfast you can - orange, apple, toast of black bread and a glass of apple juice;
Lunch should eat 300g of boiled asparagus with basil leaves and rice, a piece of bread, a large apple and a glass of mineral water;
At dinner - 200g boiled fish, a piece of bread, two boiled potatoes.

The fifth day
At breakfast - 200g rice porridge and mineral water;
For lunch, prepare a salad of cabbage and seaweed - 200g, cakes made from rice flour, or a piece of bread, do not forget the mineral water;
At dinner - cake made of rice flour, 200g salad of carrot, cabbage and lettuce (fill with vegetable oil), a glass of mineral water.

The sixth day
At breakfast - a plate of rice, a glass of apple juice;
Lunch should eat 150g salad of oranges, kiwi and apples, 200g of boiled sea fish, and drink one glass of orange juice or mango juice;
At dinner - a piece of grilled lean meat, slice of bread, four leaf chopped salad with lemon juice, orange.

The seventh day
For breakfast, eat a fruit salad - 250g (apricots, prunes, apples), drink a glass of mineral water;
Lunch - 150g of boiled rice, add a tablespoon of honey and pieces of fruit, a glass of mineral water;
For dinner you can eat 200 grams of salad from cabbage, a cake made of rice flour, 150g of boiled sea fish and drink a glass of mineral water.

 Two variants of the Chinese diet

As you can see, the Chinese diet is based on the use of food is mainly of plant origin. One of the components of this diet is rice and salt-water fish. Chinese nutritionists pay great attention to mineral water, it helps to maintain a healthy state of the body, cleanses the intestines of toxins, rejuvenates us. It should be remembered that in the diet of fruits and vegetables - not a side dish, as an independent kind of food.

After finishing diets do not immediately jump on animal fats, otherwise all your results will soon be reduced to zero. Try not to just get out of the diet, and to come to a healthy and balanced diet.

there is another version of the Chinese diet   Weight loss:

 Two variants of the Chinese diet

The first week - you can eat one egg, one orange and drink green tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Second week - you can only porridge and drink green tea without sugar.
Third week - only vegetables raw or cooked, and fruit. In addition to green tea you can drink juices.

So, the first week of this diet is the most difficult, because all seven days, you have to limit your daily diet three oranges, three green eggs and unsweetened tea. If you manage to survive this week, in the second you will be much easier, because you can have any number of porridge on the water. It is not necessary to use only barley and semolina. But the third week of the diet significantly extends the capabilities of, because you can cook a stew of vegetables, you can eat them raw, and you can select different juices and fruit drinks. It is possible to use a vegetable oil and a little salt. The last week is of great importance not only for the weight, but also for health.

Of course, such a diet - low-fat and very tough, it is very difficult to sustain. And exit should be gradual. Enter one of the other foods that you are not consumed in small portions. Do not eat more than two raw fruits daily. Butter is used only in its natural form.

As you can see, both versions of the Chinese diet is complex and tough. However, the first option is very varied daily diet more balanced. But the second version will get rid of more overweight. Therefore, up to you. However, whichever option you choose, remember, after the diet you should aim for a balanced and healthy diet.

Photo: Shebeko, Lilyana Vynogradova, Jiri Hera, sarsmis,
Author: Tatiana Budzirovskaya