30 affordable beauty secrets to your collection
 Check whether you know about these secrets. If not - then many of them will change your life. Makeup, skin care, hair and nails will be more effective!


1. Dry shampoo. Apply it at bedtime rather than in the morning after waking up. This will save time, improve the condition of the hair in the morning, will accelerate the installation. You just forget what dirty hair!

2. Dry the hair. Terry towel - not the best tool to collect hair from all the excess moisture. It does not absorb water so well and break the hair. Take an old (clean and dry) T-shirt - perfect dries the hair, then they dry naturally much faster.

3. Naughty tips. Sprinkle in the palm of your hand quite a bit of any vegetable oil and place Pushan or unruly hair tips. This technique works on clean hair.

4. If there is a moisturizing hair mask, use a regular conditioner and shampoo. Apply shampoo or conditioner as a mask, fat layer and leave for 10 minutes on the hair. Then rinse with plain water.

 30 affordable beauty secrets to your collection

5. If there is no time for washing hair, and there is a dry shampoo on hand wash only bang (directly under the faucet) and quickly dry her hair dryer. Clean hair that frame the face - it is enough for a well-groomed appearance.


6. Sunscreen can act as a retainer makeup. Put it on top of makeup. It turns means 2-in-1 protection with SPF and retainer. However, it should be noted, does not mean that you can skip the sunscreen before makeup.

7. Too dark foundation can be used as a shadow and blush. Ideal shades for daytime image!

 30 affordable beauty secrets to your collection

8. If you want to have a more intense shade of shadow? Try the wet method: Apply shadows with a damp brush crumbly. Another way - to create a creamy shade of friable and lip gloss (or petroleum jelly). Cream product will be more intense in color. Lip gloss also can be used as gel eyebrows.

9. concealer or corrector have very good properties for cover, use it: can be used as a primer for concealer shades. This is the most persistent of all the tonal resources!

10. If you do not know what shade of shadow to choose - try to choose the color of eye makeup for ... clothes. It received a very harmonious and modern image. A shade metallics fit perfectly to any color outfit.

11. To achieve the effect of plump lips is very easy: give out well above the upper lip or highlighter bright drawn in pencil.

12. Dilute dried or too thick ink by using the eye drops, such as the Vizin.

13. Do not be afraid to use a liquid liner. It's easy: just pre-draw a pencil line, and the top cause liquid liner. Then there is no fear that the hand tremble and the "Arrow" will fail.

  14. Warm the curling of eyelashes before use - the curl will be held all day.

15. Please fill in the eyebrow pencil or shadow, and then tweeze excess hair. This will remove only the hair that really knocked out of the eyebrows. This approach is important because it will keep the eyebrows when you turn 40 years of age and slow down hair growth.

16. Add a drop of argan oil in the foundation or moisturizer for a smooth and perfect distribution of the product on the skin.

17. If there is no liquid makeup remover, or its expiration date confuses you, there are alternatives available:

- Vaseline or olive oil to put on a cloth napkin and wash off makeup. Do not apply butter or petroleum jelly directly to the skin so as not to clog pores.

- The foam from hand soap to take a damp cloth and apply on the face soaked with water. It is important to moisten the skin after such washing, because the substances contained in the soap, dry skin.

- For oily skin, you can try moistening the cloth with an alcohol lotion to disinfect the skin after makeup remover and prevent acne.

- Remove makeup, especially mascara for sensitive skin, you can use warm water and steam.

18. If your favorite lip gloss or mascara end, the use of all to help balance a trick: put a tube in a cup of warm water for 10 minutes, means melts a bit and fully spilled onto the applicator.

19. Eyeliner goes bad? Try the temperature method: put in the freezer for 15 minutes, or vice versa, heat over a candle (not longer than a second), the texture of the lead change, and it will be easier to slide over the skin.

 30 affordable beauty secrets to your collection

20. Do you have a lot more shades of lipstick than you think. Because it can be mixed with each other not only shade. Vary the multiple colors of lipstick, lipstick and gloss, lipstick and shadow, lipstick and blush.

21. Find your shade of nude lipstick: Mix nude pink or light beige lipstick with a small amount of white liner.

Skin care

22. The cooling oil, and all the funds are applied to the face in the morning. The skin is toned, swelling - less. This is especially true for the skin around the eyes, because the bags and puffiness often appear there.

23. Collect herbs (or buy ready-made charges), prepare decoctions, and add them to your care: masks, shampoos, conditioners. It is important to restore the skin and hair as an after sun or after cold. Universal drug additives - aloe vera. It can be used all year round. It is an affordable and highly effective beauty secret.

24. Visine - an excellent remedy for redness and pimples. Apply to the problem area, and redness will disappear in an instant.

 30 affordable beauty secrets to your collection

25. The age spots easier to lighten up when they just appeared. And in the early stages of coping with this lactic acid. It is in large quantities in milk products, such as yogurt, Greek. Leave the yogurt or cottage cheese on the spot on for 15-20 minutes, and after a few applications, the spot has cleared. If this does not work, buy a pharmacy product with lactic acid.

26. The irritation and even burns the skin from shaving can be prevented if you use non-foaming shaving (foaming dry skin and provoke inflammation). Use shaver in which no more than two blades, and always start shaving direction of hair growth.

27. Wrinkles, appearing in 25 years - is not associated with aging. This early signs of aging yet, even early. But this should be alerted, because it means that the skin is clearly dehydrated or damaged by the sun. For these very early wrinkles can not use anti-age means for 40 years, you just need to "drink" and "feed" the skin using creams with fruit acids and moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, glycerin).

28. The best way to get rid of the hair on the upper lip - waxing. This method removes the hair from the root, making them thinner and softer. Bleaching of hair - is also a good alternative. But shaving - very bad choice, it makes the hair thicker and stiffer.

29. Yellowed nails can lighten using whitening toothpaste mixed with lemon juice.

30. To fragrance last longer on the skin, try this trick: on the skin before splashing perfume, apply a little Vaseline. The fragrance will be held a few days!

And the best secret of beauty that does not cost a penny? Of course, smile!
Author: Vasilisa Cousin