Chanel and Dior: Most global contradiction in the history of fashion. Part 2
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The vulgar time we talked about the directions of activity of the two most important figures in the French fashion industry - Coco Chanel and Christian Dior.

About the designer whose masterpieces of France at different times and to deify whose fashion-ideology, she followed. But have you ever thought about who could have become a style icon for modern Frenchmen and Frenchwomen? And the ideal role model for the popular fashion designers of the republic?

This will help to understand the brief history of French fashion after periods of Chanel and Dior. And an objective look at her now.

Known followers geniuses
After the death of her Coco Chanel fashion house headed by German fashion designer Karl Otto Lagerfeld.

 Chanel and Dior: Most global contradiction in the history of fashion. Part 2

Following the basic principle of Chanel - ensuring maximum convenience brand clothes - he at the same time, he introduced a number of innovations of its own. So, he originated the idea of ​​the maximum shortening skirts. As well as creating new, comfortable and luxurious bags (saddle-shaped).

Dior's first receiver (headed since the death of the prominent designer, his company) has become one of the most talented of his assistants - Yves Saint Laurent. Known by the way, as the founder of unisex. Since 1960, as director of fashion house Marc Boan he replaced Laurent, to revive the tradition of the founder of the new trends. Couturier became famous by creating a practical line of evening and ballroom dresses of luxurious fabrics and other elements of women's wardrobe with attention to detail.

Later, the position occupied Boana Gianfranco Ferre, the brand that is associated with contrast and volume. After that, until recently, the art director of the House of Dior was known for his avant-garde collections of John Galliano - Designer, extraordinary images which thought out to the smallest detail.

 Chanel and Dior: Most global contradiction in the history of fashion. Part 2

Effect of old ideas to modernity
Whose style remained dominant in France of the XXI century? And which of the two designer of world renown (or someone of their followers) would prefer modern French?

Results of a recent Paris Fashion Week (2011-2012) showed that the French catwalk dominated by two major fashion style - the so-called "New Amazons" (confident women applying for the improvement of their own images of men's clothing items) and beautiful temptresses. That is, interest in areas known figures laid down several decades ago, revives (along with how to dominate the new age style attributes acquire modern features). However, it was fundamental to have been recognized stylistic concept three grades:

- Christian Dior Made in the latest collections are now betting on a true combination of French romanticism and sexuality, and bright colors;
- Yves Saint Laurent , Put in 2012 at the heart of femininity and show the French style in a monotone color;
- Givenchy Known application of complex patterns and ethnic prints, luxurious materials and long products.

Does this mean that the chic Dior during the mixture of cultures and styles of leads over the "eternal" classic Chanel? Maybe. But it is worth remembering that France (and other countries, for which it serves as a reference style) does not waive strict and convenient office suits, skirts practical short and medium-length and women's trousers. In addition, the latest style elements Coco steel elements of street fashion of the country.

In general, the heritage of both the leaders of the fashion Olympus can be considered a valuable and unforgettable. And their destinations - the basis for the affirmation of new generations of designers.
Author: Alla Pilipenko