Look like a million
 Do you think this is possible only if there is a solid bank account? And here is wrong. To look chic, not necessarily day long to spend in the beauty and cosmetic use of the most expensive brands. Everything is much easier! And cheaper. The main thing - the right accents.

This is the first in the list of what is usually judged on the status of women. But it is not necessary every day to get up an hour earlier to build on the head "Babylon." Clean, shiny hair - is gorgeous. Of course - the main requirement and hair color. Avoid flashy colors, preferring the natural scheme.

Success Secrets
- Toning mousse natural tone of your hair hairstyle will bring in a certain "liveliness", adds shine. A brown-haired women can take advantage of mousse gives hair a noble copper hue.

- Do not neglect the cosmetic novelties. Today, almost every series of tools for hair there are special sprays, liquids, masks and balms, which when used skillfully in a matter of minutes will lead the hair in order.

- After washing, rinse the hair infusions and decoctions of herbs. To stimulate hair growth, use hops, nettles, mint, chamomile, linden. That hair is not whipped - dandelion, sage, plantain. To shone - chamomile for light hair and dark tea. That hair was not greasy - oak bark, chamomile, burdock, calendula, mother and stepmother, thyme. Dandruff - nettles and AIR. 2 tbsp. l. any of the herbs pour 1 tbsp. boiling water, leave for an hour, strain.

Sign of success - a radiant healthy skin. This is the key to make-up. All makeup should be moderately visible and quite natural. As a basis, use ultra-light transparent tone that will align the skin and hide its flaws, but does not find himself in this case. Blush is preferable to use natural shades of beige and peach. Noble looks eyeshadow in any shade of brown gamut - from light beige to brown ocher. And no pearl! It is more "easy" way. Say a firm "no" bright crimson and purple shades of lipstick. To reinforce our way is better to use natural colors lipstick or gloss transparent.

Success Secrets
- Makeup only looks naturally and effectively when the water balance of the skin is normal. Hydrating Facial Spray allows in seconds replenish moisture. Rich in minerals and herbal components, non-greasy and non-sticky, it gives the skin a charge of vivacity and energy. Sprinkled spray face before applying makeup, you significantly reduce the amount of tonal resources, which usually use to align the relief and color. And causing mineral spray on top of makeup to effectively commit the latter.

- Smooth well-groomed skin, plus clear, raised facial features without a hint of swelling - the success of any makeup. And your skin to meet these specifications, use the technique of acupressure. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer on the entire face, and then push index fingers (for 2-3 seconds) on acupressure points: the center of the chin, the corners of the mouth, whiskey, inner corners of the eyes (under the eyebrows), a point on the forehead between the eyebrows, point slightly higher symmetrical points above the temples on the border of hair growth.

The desire for a healthy lifestyle brought about changes in this area. If earlier a sign of success was chocolate tan, but today it is a healthy glowing skin with a light golden hue.

Success Secrets
- Although the safest way to get a perfect complexion today recognized the use of tanning, a few in the middle of the summer will be able to stand before sunbathing. However, striving for instant results, some means of choosing a lower protection factor than necessary. At the end, the red burnt skin and blisters. So keep in mind: only tanning slowly and gradually, you can count on a solid color, the health and beauty of the skin.

- To strengthen the effect of sunburn is possible, causing the lotion with sparkling particles on the shoulders, collarbone and décolletage.

Important stuff
• For the formation of the wardrobe should be approached selectively. It is not necessary to spend fabulous sums for the purchase of clothing. It is more important than taste and sense of style, not its quantity. The main thing is to pay attention to women who want to "look like a million" - high-quality shoes, handbags and a good perfume.

• Do not overdo it with accessories. Too much jewelry is worse than its absence.

• The most win-win manicure - designed in bright colors. He always looks neat and appropriate. All kinds of painting, applique and piercings in this case inappropriate.

• Smile! Only the inner glow makes us a truly compelling and forcing others to say: "You look a million! "
Author: Alena Gorbunova
Source: MyJane.ru