Results of the year?
 What a year 2011 was brought to us? Is it possible to restrict some list of new products, innovations, innovations? That's what we thought about it.

Beauty, once again made a giant step forward. And it's not just a blue sheen and shellac coating, as you know.

We were a little scared trend that cosmetic and plastic surgery became interested in the ones that we've been on this guarded. Men released their men's nail polish, false eyelashes, ships and so forth. They have long walk on Botox and know more about the laser cosmetology.

But the children! We do not have saved them. First of all outraged American mother, who pricked his 8-year-old daughter Botox or Dysport. Then it turned out to be a duck. But the seed thrown. And 12-year-old patient, going to the injection of youth as something not so annoying. A teenage model and did remain without our blame.

What else has happened to us this year? Yes, in general, everything is as usual. Women remain the most mysterious and unique individuals.

We remain courageous ... Results of the year?

Patient ... Results of the year?

and even some winged ... Results of the year?

But still such loyal and reliable. Results of the year?

Men? They are always busy with only a ... Results of the year?

Although close to us a little bit this year ... Results of the year?

So much so that this closeness begins to strain)))) Results of the year?

Chiefs? Oh, what to talk about them? They almost never change. It always has been ... Smart people say that's life. Results of the year?

But still we wait for the 2012-th. With hope! With all calm down, everything will fall into place. We will buy cosmetics only, our men will be engaged in a great and good thing, the boss finally surprise his humanity and conscientiousness. That is life?

Happy New 2012 Year!

Author: Julia Gnedina