Fall in love with yourself. Part 2
 Love is born within us. In particular, self-love. That self-love helps reveal the inner potential, find inner harmony and build a really beautiful and strong relationship. Love yourself, and your whole life will be transformed colorful!

Believe in yourself

What helps us to easily conquer any purpose, to carry out the wildest dreams and win? That's right, faith .  Be true to itself .  Believe in your strength and always keep themselves like to maintain its very best in the world a friend or loved one who is so necessary is your positive attitude to gain confidence in their abilities and achieve well-deserved success .  The easiest way to understand this, presenting the little girl inside, which so need your support .  Little girl - it's you, and all her doubts and "uncertainty" - the result of what was once a child crumbs did not support, and now rooted subconscious fears hinder fulfillment .  Psychologists say that all the complexes from childhood, but now is not it .  Admit it, you're - already a big girl, and foolish to look back rather than go ahead and enjoy your life donated, to express themselves in all areas and build a harmonious relationship with people .  If ever you wrong - do not be the same with respect to itself .  Believe in their abilities .  You can all, when you believe!

Appreciate yourself with all your heart

You can be a great leader for yourself ... or a real witch! The most important of all evaluations - that, of course, self-esteem. And let it be excellent! Remember the main thing: love you, because you - beautiful and worthy of love, and not "just like - it automatically means that everything is in order and appearance, and with a head including". In fact, the reason - in you. Yes Yes! In your inner magnetism. You do create ourselves. Love of others - this is the result of your self-esteem and self-love. How do you present yourself, how to open and how wide to show its beautiful inner world, how to build relationships, to accept and to give in return - that may affect the representation of you. And, accordingly, on the relationships. But you yourself ask the right tone, allowing yourself to be happy. Appreciate yourself and believe in your success. I am thankful and grateful for the love and give love in return. And surround yourself with love!

Love your body

You are beautiful, both in clothes and without .  Confident women love their bodies, and this is a magical feeling of attraction literally read men, eye-catching and mesmerizing opposite sex .  Falling in love with your body .  Sincerely I loved every cell in your body beautiful, and it will respond to you good health, vitality and beauty .  Something does not suit you? Fine, then let's not work against the "imperfections", and for the beauty and success .  Feel free to cellulite? No, rightly adored his tightened elastic ass and shapely legs .  And every day you say to yourself about it .  You do not forget that the notorious orange peel is formed under the influence of stress hormones? So, as you can often make for yourself compliments, connected in parallel with daily walks, squats, exercises for the buttocks (see .  "The fifth point on the five") descent, climbing stairs, healthy eating, peeling, cream and a great massage!

Try to focus solely on the merits of the figures: for example, you're proud of your press, delicate skin and well-groomed hair - and to notice it. In general, remember that the most beautiful lips - this is not a result of the intervention of the surgeon advanced, and your sincere smile. And the most beautiful eyes - those that shine with happiness and love!

 Fall in love with yourself. Part 2

Light up your sun

Of course, we are actively digging and dwell on their own zamorochki who allegedly prevented about to start a happy life, and we can take to begin construction of the very happy life with their own manicured handles. You dream of love? Give love itself! From a pure heart, without demanding anything in return. Is a pity to share the love or a great mood? Noted: The good always comes back to the one who does it with even greater force. I sincerely believe in true friendship? Itself become a real friend! You want to be surrounded by sun, smiling people? Give a smile to friends, neighbors, and sellers do not skimp on the warm wishes. It's simple: Treat people the way you want them to treat you. And by the way, it employs another law: Treat yourself the way you want to treat you more.
You can light a huge sun-confidence, and your warmth gratefully pulled the other. Listen to your heart - live interesting. Choose your hobby liking, head of a pet, themed parties with funny jokes for your friends, go on dates - become the center of attraction. Manifests itself with joy. Enjoy life, every day and uncover for yourself something new and joyful.

Increases self-esteem

Write cute little notes for your sweetheart, so he found them in the most unexpected places - it's great. Now try the same "spy" on the reception itself, the favorite. Write positive installation at the present time. For example, "I am worthy of love and respect! ". Now place them so that they are constantly accidentally came across your eyes. Ironically, this technique really works. So you you set a new positive affirmations about myself. Subconsciously and consciously.

And remember the main thing: your self-esteem should not become a "samoutsenku." Falling prices - this is fine, but only when it comes to fashion shopping. You deserve the best. So that the action on this basis. I know you will do it! Good luck!
Author: Hope Cherepenina