Five interesting facts about hand-models
 Eh! Imagine a part-day life of a model, which provides for the filming of his hands. No cooking, no cleaning, only the exclusive care of the condition of his hands. And all of the work is to be ready to show their hands in front of camera. It sounds good, right?

However, to have beautiful hands is not enough to become a part-model. Hands become their gods and require constant offerings . Thus, the "hand" model Kovinton Ashley says, "I wet the hands 20-30 times a day and 90% of the time I wear gloves. When the hands are your livelihood, you should think about them in the first place."

Do you want to learn a few interesting facts from the life of part-models? Read on.

Fee:   Typically, hand-model receives from 300 to several thousand dollars per hour.

Actor play:   To deliver the required "message across" to the audience, hand-models must learn to play one hand only. "I had a shot where I was supposed to hold a cheeseburger front of the camera, but the photographer would like it to be the most delicious cheeseburger in the world - says Kovinton. - So I said out loud:" Hmmm ..., "as if I've been I dreamed about this sandwich, and my hand gave the desired emotion. "

Who is the star?   Very rarely hand-models become famous. "Star is not your hand, and the product they advertise - says Zhivel Callender, still new to this business. - It's one thing just to dip the shrimp in the sauce, and the other - to do it in front of the camera and do it effectively."

However, sometimes the glory still finds part-models. So, five years ago Kimbrough Hickey "borrow" their hands for the cover of the book "The Twilight Saga" ("Twilight Saga"). Fans of the "Saga" appreciated her hands, and she decided to continue cooperation with the publishing house. "I think people think that we live like a supermodel or a rock star, but in fact it is the most ordinary daily work," - she says.

So, do you think that your hands may well move in the modeling business?   Danielle Korwin, president of the agency Parts Models, says that they need only outstanding hands. "Your arms should be straight and smooth, without visible veins, pores or wrinkles. But the plus everything else they need to be very photogenic."
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina