How to choose a bag?
 Most of our women and never dreamed of having a squad of bags. More often than not have to compromise, and to choose the one that would look equally well in the office and at parties, and even has a beautiful, spacious and etc. etc.

If you pick the bag is akin to punishment, then maybe these tips will be useful.

How to choose a bag?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to choose one bag that would possess all the qualities immediately. So let's think about what to consider when choosing a bag.

The first and most basic thing to consider when choosing a bag - your physique. The bag should be in proportion to your body.

Here are a few recommendations:

1. If you are tall and slim, you will approach the bag baggy type Nobo (crescent-shaped bag with a handle). But from the bags with long handles should be abandoned, as they will make you even more.

 How to choose a bag?

Once you fit clutches.

2. If you are low, then you better forget about a very large bag. A bag with long handles will make you even lower.

3. If you are the owner of appetizing forms, while larger bags with clear geometry for you. You should not wear too small bags, as they will make you visually larger. If you like bags with prints, then you should give preference to small patterns or even abandon them.

In any case, you should be comfortable when you take the bag in your hand or hang on the shoulder. Be sure to look in the mirror to see you go this bag or not.

 How to choose a bag?
 The next thing is to take into account - your lifestyle. Now it goes to the evening version of bags, but those that you use every day. If your bag is always packed to things, then why not look at the major representatives, and with strong handles. On the other hand, maybe it's time to throw something out of the bag and try something new?

 How to choose a bag?
 Furthermore, what should be remembered - is where you'll wear this bag. So, big bags are well suited for outdoor recreation, travel and shopping, the average - for the office, and small - to go out. Of course, this is not a strict rule, but it is still best to stick to it.

 How to choose a bag?
 If you are cash-strapped and can not afford to 3-4 bags, then you should consider your wardrobe, because your new bag should look good with most of your belongings. In this case, it is best to buy a bag of some neutral colors: black, beige, dark blue or red. Such bags often suited to most things. In addition, the bag should fit your style.

 How to choose a bag?
 Decide on the material. Now "price - material" things related. However, if you like to experiment, then instead of leather handbags can try anything else: leather, fabric, plastic, etc. Although the bag for everyday wear is best to buy excellent quality, then you will be sure that it does not fall apart after a month.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice in the shop. Now there quite often possible to meet the qualified staff who will help you choose exactly what you want. In addition, take a person you trust, so you can easily choose what suits you.

Once you have bought the bag need to complement it. To your bag does not become a dumping ground for unwanted things, try our small instruction.

 How to choose a bag?

How to equip the bag?

Every time you buy a new bag, I promise myself that there will always be in order. Among men already go jokes about how much everything superfluous in a handbag. For example, consider that we wear every day.

So, take everything you need:
  1. Lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, etc. Ideally, it is best to put everything in cosmetics. Because I know from experience, definitely something prosypletsya. None of these things will be difficult to quickly put himself in order. I think that every woman is able to equip itself in its makeup.

  2. A small mirror. Its value is underestimated. It is necessary not only to correct makeup, but also, for example, when you are wearing contact lenses. So I do not think that this subject is absolutely useless.

  3. Notebook. The size depends solely on the bag. And without it, it is very difficult to stay organized.

  4. Pens. It is as a matter of course. It suddenly have someone give your phone number.

  5. Napkins. No matter wet or as small handkerchiefs. There is always rub and is always a chance somewhere dirty.

  6. Personal hygiene. Help out not only you, but everyone who "these days" will not come in time.

  7. Medications. It is important. You should always carry a pain reliever, anti-stomach pain or heartburn, etc. If you have allergies, then, respectively, is to put some remedy for allergies.

  8. If your skin is dry, then you should carry with them a lotion or hand cream.

Well, of course, phone, player, books, etc. It all depends on your preference. Just remember that the bag should not be too severe. Have pity on your back!
Author: Vera Karabutova